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Gaia Marcus is an Edgeryder and an UnMonastery advisor, a Senior Researcher at the RSA, founder of the Social Mirror project, ΒΌ of the ThoughtMenu and Trustee for the Talk to Me London project. At the RSA, Gaia Marcus is the lead researcher for the Connected Communities project and the social network analysis champion for RSA projects as a whole. Her focus is examining the role of social networks in building resilient, empowered communities; in promoting mental well-being; and in building human capabilities in everything from education to social entrepreneurship. Prior to joining the RSA, Gaia worked as a research associate and online community manager for the Space Makers Agency. There her roles included facilitating online networks to produce tangible offline projects and change, and researching and supporting innovative uses of empty urban spaces. Most notably, the Brixton Village project showed what innovation and regeneration is possible when a free 'hub' is provided for networks to form and interact around. Gaia graduated with distinction in an MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights from the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and holds a first class BA degree in History from University College, London.


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