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I am an international consultant on sustainable development, capacity building, communication and managerial training. My mission is, of course to create a better world! Starting with little challenging projects implemented thanks to managerial tecniques in peculiar locations. Among the projects that I am running and for which I am looking for partners, there is the builidng of an eco village in Jamaica in www.treasurebeach.net in order to create a international center of co living fo research on art, sustainability and social innovation, Practically, a real and virtual community of committed people sharing the same values and able to live, work, create and share and spread skillls and knowledge based in a wonderful place where high quality of life at afffordable rates is possible. The name of the project is www.welcomingvibes.org and urgent help for on line communication and fund raising is needed! Another project is based in Matera and the whole Region of Basilicata and is aimed to enhance creativity through artistic residencies and cultural exchanges between South America and South Italy, putting artists and creatives in contact to produce cultural activities in a sustainable way. The second edition of www.brasilicatatour.it brought for 5 months 120 Brazilian artists to live in Basilicata for a while and create with local artists and perform publicly more than 150 events. Everything done as a social innovation experiment through volounteer work and exchange of hospitality. During winter italian artists will be invited in Brazil for reciprocity. In the future this model can be transferred to other realities and become a best practice expecially if financially helped by sponsors or local authorities. I participated in LOTE 3 in Matera and helped in invlving the local Community and in spreding the idea and the results of UnMonastery also implementing artistic residencies together with UnMonasterians. ANd we can do a lot of things together again.... T

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