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<p>From my first day at university I threw myself into all types of activism and campaigns, participating in Climate Camp, People and Planet, the student protests, Palestinian solidarity work and community organising. I cocreated a number of groups such as The Really Open Unversity, The Space Project and Transition University.&nbsp;</p> <p>Since graduating one year ago and experiencing a harsh employment reality, I have been looking at what new alternatives can emerge out of the youth unemployment crisis. After 3 months of research across Portgual and Spain into the different ways of responding to this crisis I came back inspired by the cooperative solution. Since then I have spent 6 months in London understanding the cooperative and social enterprise scene and setting up my project Altgen, which aims to inspire, facilitate and support youth to set up workers cooperatives as an empowering and collaborative solution to youth unemployment that creates a more democratic and sustaianble economy.&nbsp;</p> <p>I am interested in how we can change education, protect our environment, decentralise power, build community and live life to the full!&nbsp;</p>

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