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Simone’s areas of expertise include market and opinion research and advisory, he develops sociological analysis and consultancy for strategy and communication. Thru about 15 yrs of career Simone worked with increased responsibility for Ipsos, Millwardbrown (Wpp) and Italian strategic consultancy boutique GPF. Simone is now Research Director with Lorien (WPP), heads all the key clients and corporate practice, furthermore leads NDP both in digital and in stakeholder research. Furthermore, Simone is advisory board member of research to Doochoo inc. (SFO) a digital startup , winner of Start Up Chile and incubated in 500 startups in SFO, which is making a disruptive innovation within the opinion and market research and online adv sectors (big data for opinion). Simone’s efforts to be part of civil societies contributing to the country development has a long track record. Starting from the most recents activities, Simone is: Founder and first regional co-ordinator (Lombardy region) of Italiacamp association which partnering with the main Italian system companies and national institution is making an unique case of integration of players for innovation Founder of association for Expo of Knowledge, which promote the role of new knowledge from advanced sciences to enhance new ways to economic, institutional and social development Founder of first Italian co-housing experience for community development And was Member of Board of Fondazione ISC, which funded social and cultural project in the north area of Milano province. Corporate Social Strategy (CSS) delle Società ftse mib (Link) Politeia, September 2010 Web 2.0 as tool for Strategy definition, not only for communication. Social Strategy as Business Developer. Analysis on the top 40 Italian companies quoted at the Stock Exchange L'influenza dei fattori normativi e istituzionali sulla partecipazione elettorale. Un riscontro empirico su 19 paesi (Link) Osservatorio Elettorale, September 2001 The longitudinal study analyses the relationship between components of institutional framework of 21 countries and the electoral participation trends and finds their moderate impact. Paper includes methodological arguments against sophisticated models of analysis which states that this is the key variable influencing people behaviour. Wikicrazia (Link) - contributor Navarra editore, 2 April 2011 A pervasive Internet enables collaborative governance – citizens can now collaborate with the executive branch of the State to deploy public policy (which, though related, is not the same thing as e-democracy, or online participation). Drawing on the best experiences worldwide and my own field experience, I try built a how-to manual for any civil servant or community leader to be able to engage with citizens in action, and not just talk Contributor (Link), Social Winner (Italian elections 2013) 29 march 2013 analysis of the social media behaviors during Italian 2013 elections and their ability of description and forecasting.


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