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I've done lots of academic (but hands on) engineering, mostly material (composites & nanocomposites) related. Applications were general industry, aerospace, renewables (PV & wind), sensors. Before that I was interested in arts and design, and eventually revived that through some speculative design projects. I also did some youth work and later supervised a lot student theses and had A LOT of fun doing that. I love catalyzing projects and giving advice where I can. I usually have too many ideas to pick one of them and push it alone, but it does happen sometimes. I don't like sitting in front of screens, yet... I suck at programming, but I can and like to talk to programmers. Recently I've started to look a little deeper into resource efficiency, ecology (a little late, I know), collaboration & management. Since I was told at sign-up to "make myself at home", here's a few books/concepts I got a kick out of: Tufte: Visual display of quantitative information, Catton: Overshoot (kick went a little lower), cynefin framework, black swans, anosognosia, percolation Languages I can (try to) help with: German, English, Swedish, French. Locations: Marseille - but "my net" and possible hiding/meeting places (in Europe) include: Hamburg, Vienna, Berlin, Kiel, Paris, Stralsund, London, Birmingham, Oldenburg, north of Gothenburg. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Please do criticize my contributions (preferably in a thoughtful way) - also if you haven't contributed to the effort before!