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The OpenCare Pop Up Village is a global community festival of innovations in health and social care. It is participant built, collaborative and dedicated to bringing together existing opencare projects into working demo of a clinic entirely powered by open source, community driven solutions.

The Challenge: go from tiny islands to connected solutions which offer credible alternatives to failing systems before the current ones collapse

For the last 12 months we’ve connected with hundreds of under-the-radar initiatives - from open source devices for echography to peer-to-peer suicide prevention schemes; from building alternatives to expensive proprietary medical instruments to decentralizing the science and production of essential drugs such as insulin. Many of them involve neither state, nor private sector support or funding. Some are completely informal, some being run by only one hard-working individual. They hunger for peer support and opportunities to collaborate; during the year we have seen them forming partnerships and sharing their ideas and practices, all as a side effect of meeting on our online platform.

How we solve the challenge: We will bring together a number of existing opencare projects in one place. And build a working, living demo of what they could look like when joined together. We think of it as a pop-up village for OpenCare and invite everyone who cares about the issue to join us in taking on one of the most important problems of our time.

If nothing else, it will be exciting to see what we can achieve when we choose to come together, inspire one another, and help each other. Peer to peer.

Your story could be the first for this challenge!
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