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Community builder enthusiast of alternative ways to create social change, especially from the grassroots. Living online just a little bit too much. At Edgeryders I am doing community management, and hope to help others do the same for their peers. I've started a manual with basic practices here: https://edgeryders.eu/en/edgeryders-dev/edgeryders-community-managers-manual My story: Just 4 years ago I was graduating from university in my home town in Romania, stacked with diplomas and onboarding an unpaid traineeship, exploring everything and anywhere in the social science field – especially academic. I was lost, just as many young graduates are. No need to go there because it turns out whichever way you look at it: as a great student with great perspectives, a smashing volunteering record, supporting middle class family willing to go into debt just so you travel the world in search of opportunities, it’s still not clear what makes the difference and lands a young adult somewhere awesome. It’s all about the journey and trying your best.. and that’s what most of us are doing, no?

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