3 events happening in the next 3 weeks

November 23: Online event on How to bring back human potential to rural areas. @Noemi is running this which means it’s worth going to also if you are not interested in quitting your job to move to the countryside and farm organic produce…yet :man_farmer: :woman_farmer:

November 30: Webinar introducing people to our approach to remote work and pitching them our services. @matthias is going to do a 7 minute talk presenting the main findings from the work done on putting together the remote collaboration manual. :open_book: :man_teacher: :woman_teacher:

December 7: Webinar launching the Worldbuilding Academy ( ScifiEconomics Lab initiative). The brainchild of @alberto, with @hugi now in the mix, and all kinds of wierd and wonderful stuff coming out of it. :unicorn: :woman_mage: :rocket:


We are on our way to sending the access link to the event on Monday, so let me know if you want to join and I will include you in the participants list!

And make sure to treat yourself to a great weekend read ahead of our session, contributed by @jasen_lakic :