8/9 - Scifi Economics Lab #2: The Strange Economy of Messina

I just discovered two features of the vimeo business account

  1. You can edit together videos very easily
  2. You can embed the email capture field (for people to register to an event) inside the actual video!

So of course I had to try :slight_smile:

If we think this is a good trailer to go with, I will correct the dates, Add a bio for Alberto, edit the music, add the missing logos and embed in it the form for registering to the events it features. Also, I can then add the same visuals on the 7 min video that @estragon put together as the introduction for the actual live sesion (we stream. a short pre-recorded video + moderated discussion after)

ping @alberto and @estragon

@noemi @MariaEuler @stefanoboski @hugi thought you might be interested in this too for other stuff

regarding the trailer: 30 seconds until alberto starts to talk, I think that intro could be shorter. After 30 seconds people by now have already made up their mind about what video they are watching, do maybe not anticipate that there will be text and clicked away.

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