A bit confused

ciao all,

i have to admit that, being just little involved in all things…i am a bit confusd about where write what and If…:wink:

Some changes

Regarding the Spot the Future online spaces, we had a little change recently:

  • Spot the Future Team Coordination space: /t/spot-the-future-team/357. This is the invitation-only, internal group for us organizing the project.
  • Spot the Futue space: https://edgeryders.eu/spot-the-future. This is a public group for organizing those parts of the project which need coordination with UNDP staff, volunteers, applicants for paid contributors etc.. This is not yet the group that will contain the actual crowdsourcing content of the project (still have to create those ones).
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Mostly, it’s team

For most of the stuff you are dealing with, [Simonedb] (sales, pitching, communication design etc.) you should post on the STF Team group. Don’t worry too much, as content can easily be transferred from one group to another. :slight_smile: