A Global Language Village

My name is Nidhal Mahdhi. I’m 24 years old and I’m from the south of Tunisia and to be more specific, from Medenine. I’m currently a student of aggregation degree in English language, literature and civilisation.
Since my early childhood, only one notion has left a print in my mind which is “a citizen of the world” and since then, I have started considering myself as a citizen of the world or if we can say a global citizen who does care for any global issue or matter. I have a dream of one united world, with one spoken language which will be, according to Paulo Coelho’s expression, the language of the world. With this huge number of languages, dialects and differences in the world, I do believe that we can speak one meduim understandable language though. My academic career leads me to find out what a humanity need to keep in contact and communicate away from my english major which, for me, represents a simple tool to arrive to the key to communication. So the question in here is what can be a language of the world? The answer is something that we all as human beings, can speak innately.
Can’t we speak and share love and peace? Yes we do, and I do believe that with peace we will achieve a half-way towards that dream-world. Thus, I took part of the foundation team of Peace Lab Medenine Club. The club is an anti-violence project as a whole, thus, the different axes that we are working on are: peace building and conflict resolution and transformation. Within our club, we believe that peace is an important issue to work on Especially after the terrorist movements and the appearance of the Islamic state. Such phenomenon that speaks the language of violence can be only defeated by peaceful tools and this is what we are working on. Within our club, we push and help youth to look for their inner peace as a first step through taking advantage of their skills, talents and passions and through working on improving them. Therefore, we managed a meeting for bookaholics with a great tunisian author such as Khaoula Hosni and a lovely booktuber Amal bedhiefi to share the participants such a passion. Communication, as well, is an effective way in order to maintain peace, this is why organizing a public speaking workshop along a metanoia journey was one of the fruitful missions that we we are still proud of. We believe that the current state of our Tunisia is a little bit complicating but with attempting to decifer codes we find it quite simple as peace and communication will be surely the very effective solutions. I often tend to work on the same matters as a member with JCI Medenine.
In order to connect people together and keep them in contact, I have a dream-project to create a Global Language Village Model. As mentioned previously, language of a particular folk is the key to penetrate into its culture and secrets. As a start, I want to create an open-minded community by setting such a village in Medenine. Basically, it will be a kind of a school for language learning in which trainers will be some foreigners or if it’s better to say natives: A british or american trainer for english, a spanish for spanish, a german for german, etc… this is how we can create an atmosphere of cultural exchange which will be ensured by a diversity of cultural clubs and activities such as: theatre, music, dance, storytelling, etc…
So people, all around the world ! give peace a chance and come on join me enjoying my dream-world.


hello @Nidhal and welcome on board.

It is interesting to read your post about global citizens and the relation to a global universal language. Although I am not a “pro-universal language” as I see richness in our diverse identities including our different languages. but I guess it will be interesting for you to read about Zamenhof and also check this wikipedia article about constructed languages ( I did a quick search on the topic I think you already know some of the stuff mentioned; it is really quite an interesting topic )

and setting up a language school in Medenine is nice idea, you could start with @Yosser by having your activity at ourGhema space to be.

and since you mentioned book clubs and public speaking, let me introduce to you 2 models of cultural creation from Egypt.

1- @karimyassin 's CILAS ( Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences ) karim built a co-learning community in the heart of islamic Cairo, While CILAS is not a language school, but it creates the basic grounds for learning and questioning everything, at the space you can find fellows and students discussing theories, making art Galleries, hosting talks, conferences, music nights, …etc
would be a nice case study to get to know how to recreate this atmosphere in your cultural club in Medenine. ( feel free to drop by his post and ask him questions / comments / ideas …)

2- Ma’refa by @m_tantawy while CILAS is building a close community of intellectuals, thinkers in a magical physical space ( old Islamic Cairo) Ma’refa emerged to be a decentralized movement of cultural creation having talks and debates across Egypt, from a reviving library project. It could be a nice to see their development ( Rise and fall ) and learn how to spread in a decentralized way, also how to start a library with members that are active and open to the outer community coordinating talks with thinkers/ authors in different spaces in the country.

hope you find this useful, and I think for sure you will be in the coming Camp , am I right ?

Thanks a billion @hazem for your suggestions and the sources you mentionned, that will be as supportive as I’m interested in linguistics’ topics. I’ve already discussed the project with @Yosser and she showed a great support for the idea and I’m sure we can manage a great deal together. Then, concerning the camp, I’ll be there for sure.

Nidhal it is super nice to read your story :smiley: and I am sure we will collaborate together with our projects :smiley: See you in the camp in less than a month !

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Peace Lab

Love it.

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