A mini-series of podcasts about Witness on Europarama

Yes, that would work for me.

Hi Joriam,
I add also @alberto as it would be great if he is there too.

Both the slots on Thursday 18th and the one on Friday 19th could work.

@Alberto, do you have a preference on your side?

Thanks a lot

Hello I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday,

@amelia and @hugi when could you be available in the next few weeks (within the month of March) for a recording session?
(preferences for after 6pm CET but if you have other preferences we can find a solution)


This month, the later the better. I’m planning to fit in some vacation. How about Monday the 29th at 19:00 CET?

great I booked the slot in my calendar - @alberto are you also free that day?



comunque non capisco come funziona la piattaforma, come si fa reply to all? :slight_smile:


You are on a forum, so by default people can see your posts. If you reply to a specific post, the author of the post gets a notification for sure. If you don’t, people who have been active on the topic might get a notification or not, depending on their setup (user manual).

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Hello Joriam, let’s book it on Thursday 18th at 15

In the waiting room now.