About the Edgeryders "Company website"

Background: For sales/revenue acquisition efforts to work we need information about Edgeryders as a company. In a way that makes visible examples of how we will serve a pressing need for the person who would be signing the proverbial check. And will inspire enough trust that they will come to us with a problem to solve.

This is tricky as our offerings span across a broad range from software etc. And we need to not give an impression that any of our software/tools are ready to plug and play.

Rather we are closer to a think tank that is differentiated by two things:

  1. People: unique breadth of in house expertise (people in the community who can be hired in as consultants and already have some kind of interoperability due to the platform).
  2. Scientifically sound methodology and bleeding edge Technologies: All work is backed by inhouse cutting edge science, technologies and tools that can be customised to meet a clients needs.

This means we can offer a one-stop shop: Advice as well as Deployment.

We have compiled a number of materials that give a comprehensive description of what edgeryders does and offers. This document is a structured overview of those materials.

About Edgeryders

We are a nonprofit company living in symbiosis with an online community of thousands of hackers, activists, radical thinkers and doers, and just normal people that want to make a difference. The company started in 2013 as a spin-off of a Council of Europe project. It both serves the community and uses its collective smarts to power its own activities.



Collective intelligence powered by social science, technology and community building

Thematic Clusters & Services

Edgeryders is a home to many “free radicals”. We are continuously doing experimental work in the form of projects and ventures imagined and deployed by different constellations of individuals and organisations. Many are ephemeral collaborations that dissolve once the goals are met. Over time relationships form between people and organisations who choose to continue working with one another towards a shared vision. They become clusters.

How is this different from a network? In a network, participants look for how to make the most of what others are doing. In a cluster, participants are willing to re-orient their work, so as to better work with the other participants. If you are a social cooperative, you must look away from providing standardized services to customizing what you do in order to better valorize the capabilities of the people they are assisting. And so on.

  • Environment and Climate : EarthOS is our cluster of innovators around ecological living, ecosystem restoration and esp. climate change amelioration and adaptation. It is a set of experimental projects assembling community and diverse institutional partners to apply solutions to climate change and sustainability challenges in today’s world as a house on fire. The findings from the projects serve as data points in developing new economic theory and models needed to enable transition to a sustainable future. (More)
  • Research & Development : This cluster designs and deploys R&D activities including joint development of new open source technologies and common infrastructure upon which members can build new products and services. Members build meaningful research partnerships and pursue funding together. (More)
  • Good Technology : This cluster experiments with what new technologies really should do for humanity and all it encompasses. Individuals and organisations in this cluster develop technologies guided by insights from open and inclusive dialogue on how technologies should work, be governed, financed and built. (More)
  • Culture for Transformation : This cluster connects and equips artists, producers, as well as researchers to experiment uses of culture as a tool for social change, and digital technology as a way to accelerate it.
  • Distributed Futures Lab : This cluster equips leaders and organisations to better navigate the new reality. Members build tools and frameworks for activities, ventures and programs that are ideated and deployed by large numbers of individuals working together over the internet. (More)
  • One Health & Resilience : This cluster takes a collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to make sense of how to respond to links, interdependencies and commonalities of human and ecosystem health. (More)
  • Good Work & Life: We build a meaningful, productive and enjoyable work-and-life environment. It combines business incubation, P2P learning, socialisation and communal spaces. (More)