About the Festival Documentation 2019 category

In every event there are many people, conversations and opportunities for collaboration that you easily miss even if you were in the same room. If each participant contributes notes from the event, then everyone can be sure that they did not miss something important, access different perspectives and easily find and re-connect with people across mutual interests after the event. After the event we will produce two things. A directory of who was there and a nice report presenting the key learnings like this one we made for a previous event:

View Can networked communities steward public assets at scale?
by Edgeryders on Scribd

Here is how to access the directory of participants and the report for your event by adding your own notes below:

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Sorry I do not understand who is to fill this categories with what

But this does just describe how to sign up and post something. The participants should already be signed up after the event, and the post should go in a specific category not just somewhere?

We need a place where the event organiser can send participants saying go there and follow instructions. Not assuming that people have read, created accounts etc

Because based on experience people will show up to the event with different degrees of knowledge about the event or the platform. Inevitably people with have forgotten what to do/how when in the room - or just didn’t do the sign up in time for the event. happens every single time.

It doesn’t matter that they just produce it and it goes into that platform. We can easily move things to the right place after. The important thing is to capture the content. The easier it is for participants - the more likely it is to happen.

Now if you feel it is important that the topics are created in the right subcategory (festival documentation 2019) perhaps you can ask Matthias what to post so that the +topic button that shows up create a new topic in the right category.

If you are happy with this, then we can create a topic where we copy paste versions of the text above adapted to participants and organisers respectively.

I am happy if it is ok for participants to just post somewhere, but since this was titled “documentation 2019 category” I figured that it was necessary to post in that specific place and therefore was confused by the description.

yes I understood, work in progress with many moving parts :exploding_head: