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LOTE6 “The OpenVillage Festival” happens 19-21 October 2017 in Brussels

And this is where it’s organized. We are making the good life happen for us in the post-industrial economy. Meet the people who are doing it already. Learn how to do it. Build it together.

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A Unique Experience

We will have several roles: session leaders, curators, support team. But not spectators.
We will have diverse kinds of activities: Project Talks and Panels to get on the same page, Fishbowls/ Workshops/ Masterclasses to dive deep, Co-design Sprints and work-together sessions to transform knowledge into outcomes. Not least, self-organised evening sessions will fill up the schedule.

The event is designed to: encourage maximum manageable diversity of participants in a process engineered to ensure respectful and constructive interaction between everyone involved.


How do we take care of one another as welfare models and systems are failing us? The program is curated to cover community questions and areas of inquiry which have emerged over the last 18 months of conversations, workshops, project collaborations. Each theme approaches care provision from a different angle and includes several sessions in-the-making.

  1. Open Science and Citizen Science for more inclusive healthcare

    How are people all over the world using open knowledge, open source hardware and software solutions to meet care needs? What are we learning about citizens helping advance groundbreaking research?

    Curated by Winnie Poncelet (Reagent, Ekoli, Open Insulin global). A mix of engineer, biologist, entrepreneur and storyteller. Works to render science and technology more accessible to diverse groups, including the traditionally marginalized.

  2. Architectures of Love: Creating the conditions for open care

    We’re collecting deep insights from citizen-led care to illuminate the enabling factors that encourage our natural impulses as human beings to care for one another. How might these insights reshape how we understand the role of policy so it enables rather than displaces peer-to-peer care.

    Curated by Gehan Macleod (GalGael Trust). A community organiser who co-founded GalGael - a social solidarity organisation whose collective works together on the demanding common tasks that demonstrate ways of living with more humanity in our times. Gehan lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

  3. Health Autonomy: Living and working well together

    Learning from the people and projects who experiment with new tools and practices embedded in communal living and working. How do we build autonomy, sustainability in the backdrop of failing health systems, political and socioeconomic crises?

    Curated by Francis Coughlin (Woodbine.nyc). A medical doctor, resident in a public hospital in NYC and a member at Woodbine, Frank is dedicated to build infrastructure for generative communal health care.


The most up to date program is announced here.

Also: A Note from the Curators.

Want to lead a session or host an event? Submit your proposal here! Registering a session starts with posting online reflections about your work and where you see the role of communities in advancing it. Once your proposal is posted other community members will leave thoughtful comments to help refine your proposal. When the Program team will contact you with a proposal for allocated time within two weeks from the time of posting.


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