About the Outreach & Dissemination Category

A not project specific workspace for the Edgeryders media team! If you’re active on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn and have (or would like to learn) social media marketing skills, you landed in the right spot!

Over the years we have learned how to coordinate the work of spreading updates and act as a distributed social media powerhouse. We know it generates much more excitement than using just a few official community channels. So if you are up for learning to work together and be part of this, get in touch!

Tasks available to this team

  • Join the #countonme mailing list to spread daily news
  • Prepare social media headlines for 1 week
  • Create and send the weekly newsletter
  • Craft tweets for twitter conferences ahead of major events
  • Create a template for conference invitations
  • Build database with relevant media
  • Graphic Design
  • Subtitling videos
  • Translation
  • … or add a new task if you want to contribute with something else!

Post in any topic here to instantly become part of the team. And please create a topic to introduce yourself :slight_smile:

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