About the POPREBEL Ethnography category

A space for all discussions and documentation specific to the ethnography for POPREBEL.

  • Code review. Comments about individual codes and code choices.
  • Memos. Where to put longer form memos on coding choices and other theoretical / methodological / topical observations.
  • Reporting. Where we construct our reports (approximately every 3 months)
  • Research Call Notes. Where to document notes of weekly and biweekly calls.

šŸ“— Open Ethnographer Manual contains all the documentation for ethnography practice and procedure.

@rebelethno - as discussed in the last call, we now have a more structured way to do our collaborative coding work on platform. Please make sure you use each thread only for its purpose (code review thread for discussing specific codes, memos for longer-form musings on anything you want, and research call notes are for call notes).

This should streamline our process!