About the Webcontent Culture Squad category

Contains the content that is displayed on the Culture Squad website.

This category exists for technical reasons: a software developed by @hugi and others relies on it to retrieve content by API that is then displayed on a website.

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@hugi Does your software access the content in this category with a Discourse API key or via the (key-less) public API?

In analogy to how it’s done for the Internet of Humans → Web Content and Participio → Web Content categories, I would like to protect this category. Because the content here is just not relevant for anyone but the people managing the Culture Squad website, so we could make the whole edgeryders.eu platform a tiny bit less confusing for first-time visitors :slight_smile:

With a Discourse API key, but I’m using an “all users” key that only gives access to public categories. In this case, we should create a mock user that only has access to the web content protected categories. I have built the software so that it cashes any discourse URL you throw at it, so it should not be using any API key with access to non-public stuff except if it’s protected only to decrease clutter, like in this case.

I’ll create a mock user now and generate a new key, I’ll let you know when I’m done.

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Ok, it’s done @matthias. Created user @webcontent and group web, switched minisite api to use key from @webcontent and protected this category.

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Thank you! Much appreciated!