Adding the final touches to Living on the Edge #LOTE5 program

Everyone, the new and improved event activities are up online with scheduling that is up for re-shuffling*. Thanks to everyone who contributes a space, a talk, a food recipe, a song and what not. By the looks of it, we are in time to fit in the last ideas and make it even better.

Let me quickly take you through what we have so far. On Thursday afternoon on Feb 25th we’ll set camp at the main venue, SMartBe, start with a welcome word and introduction to LOTE, drinks, light dinner. We’re being offered a sample of FuckUp Nights events that Antiheroes are running for some time now in Brussels and make the acquaintance of the creative and entrepreneurial local scene. Next up is a concert by Kira’s favourite Nele Needs a Holiday singing candidly about losers and losing in career, life and love.

Friday and Saturday are the fullest days – with most sessions going on in parallel in rather intimate setups (up to 20-30 people each). We will designate rooms in advance, depending on size and facilities. You will notice each session belongs to a “track” or a general theme – Development, Finance, Social/Health Care, or Culture and creative industries. This is to help us have some frames of reference and make sense of failure in our different professional and personal lives. All sessions are highly interactive, even the talks or presentations will see enough time for engaging with each other. “Speakers” are community members like me and you, or invited friends of the Edgeryders organisation. They are in touch, but not all are signed up here yet.

If you are hosting a session and your name is not on the speakers’ page yet, email with your photo and bio.

Some, like Manzini, Palmer, @John Coate are prominent in their fields, and may even have solutions to unFailing. Others are very keen on throwing problems at the crowd to figure out something they obsess about. Some are taking part in an Edgeryders event for the first time, and coming all the way from the US and Canada. And yet all are up for making LOTE5 a level playing field, running imaginative exercises and making the most out of the diversity in the room.

Sunday is for freestyling and going deeper into projects that we didn’t have time to during previous days. Many sessions proposed last minute will probably end up for Sunday.

Consistent with our Living on the Edge tradition, the kitchen will be a major attraction. For lunches we will have small cooking teams; our community chefs are already taking on the hard task of planning dishes for over 100 people!

Evenings are for moving out of the main venue in other Brussels neighborhoods and touring the cosmopolitan city – Irene is arranging home cooked dinners with Syrian influences and music (Friday), and another evening where we get to be a part of one of the anti food waste initiatives in town, Disco Soup. A great way to mingle and hear stories of Brussels that one rarely reads about in the media.

Another one of SMartBE’s artistic venues, LaVallée, an artists co-work space where we’ll be spending Friday evening.

I would suggest we agree to think and care about the following as we prepare for the event:

  • Remember that “speakers” are not speakers in the traditional conferencing style. They are conversation openers for a given topic, offering a question that they, or the rest of us are all trying to solve somehow. Everyone should have a chance to contribute on the topic during that session.
  • Don’t worry if your English is not good, participants come from many different countries, and someone will be able to help with interpretation if you need it.
  • Think about how we harvest the knowledge and document our learnings. One thing we’re good at as a community living predominantly online is sharing knowledge with those not in attendance. Make suggestions in a new post in the [LOTE5 workspace](/c/workspaces/lote5). Ping @Kaja.
  • If you want to propose a new session or if you agreed to do a session but didn’t have a chance yet, now’s the time. Go to the program and follow the link to upload your session.
  • Pick sessions you like and leave a thoughtful comment to the facilitator to let her know you will be attending.
  • Tweet sessions you like using \#lote5.

*To the extent it was possible, we tried to keep individual preferences for days and hours, but you may notice small differences from your uploaded sessions. To re-schedule your session, drop me a line below or email

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Add the night time event links? :slight_smile:

I’ve made all the evening events,

Can you add them in? And perhaps refer to NNAH as Flanders’ favorite singer-songwriter? Not everyone knows me, and those who don’t always have the highest expectations of my musical taste :slight_smile:

Proposed changes

@Patrick_Andrews are you ok with moving your session from Sat afternoon to Saturday at 11 am? This is so @ElaMi5 can book the afternoon slot, as she’s arriving late. Will keep you posted though.

no problem

Sure, Noemi. 11.00 am it is.

I’ve got one more great session to add to the program and I need a slot. Ideally, Friday afternoon or Saturday afternoon (it’s a movie premiere in a way, so the less light we get the better). Would that work?

Venue def has some dark rooms

Can we know some more details about the content though?

I will prepare a presentation this weekend. My friend from Brussels went to shot a movie in Colombia about three things: damn that destroys the biggest river Magdalena, public transportation railway that is closed but used in various ways by locals, and a higway which construction destroyed villages and was privatised. Extremely in tune with development track, with premiere previews of the footage and a talk by the director.

Saturday 16:30- 17:30?

Hi @Natalia_Skoczylas, I just learned that a Saturday afternoon session is being canceled, and I wanted to suggest the screening on Sat instead of Friday - a larger audience and better timing - 16:30 instead of 15:30. Let me know.

Change of day schedule

Less than one month to LOTE!! It’s time to do some rescheduling :S

There was a misunderstanding with Kira and Noemi during the redesign of the program. Marek Hudon session on failures in complementary currencies and the SenseFiction on how to buld a currency that serves a community need to skip to Saturday afternoon, Marek is not available on Friday.

@Hegazy @Iriedawta would you mind moving your sessions to Friday 26th afternoon?

Sorry for the change, hope it’s doable for you!

No problem for me!

Maybe split with Hegazy?

@ireinga how about splitting the time from 14:00 to 17:30 in half between you and @Hegazy? You each get almost two hours then.

For the SenseFiction

We might need two hours, so adding it up to the CC failures panel it goes to 3 hours. Do not know how to sort it out. Maybe we can just have a 4th room?

Kira & I are meeting this Friday to try to assign rooms to sessions; @Noemi if you want to join starting 3:30pm you’re very welcome :slight_smile:

Rescheduling Marek Hudon session at 2pm

Cause from 3pm we need the room for a SenseFiction animated by Céline Bouton from MakeSense. How can we find a solution for this visually speaking? Which 4th room to assign? @KiraVde @Noemi

session on Open Sourcing Everything

@peacethesis curious if Friday morning at 10:00 would be suitable for your session? I’m bringing this up because you didn’t mention a preferred slot on Friday and this one is free. Let us know.

@Noemi Yes that works for me!

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Great. Oh, speakers page!

@Tom_Markam, @Christine_Pu, @Hegazy can you guys email me a hi res picture of you (ideally 250x250) + bio (unless you have a bio on Edgeryders that we can use). I would like to add you to the Speakers page, that is, if you want to be added :slight_smile: My email is noemi[at] Thanks!

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Broken link

@noemi the link to the speaker’s page looks like <file:///C:/Users/N/Desktop/> and it does not summon any action except, I presume, on the computer of the editor.

Can you amend it?

Edited: also the link to the program page…

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Thanks for the heads up.

Now fixed.

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