Am I growing mushrooms ?

Hi again everyone :slight_smile:

I might have a stupid question but I am wondering what is growing on my mycelium. I have been keeping it now for more than two weeks in a box and let it ventilate every day and since two days there has started growing something on it !!

I haven’t done anything special It was just standing in my room under a blanket !

only after one day it has grown so much !


might be wrong but it seems like its fruiting. I seem to remember that the fruiting phase is more aerobic than the the growing phase so makes sense

so yeah mushroom time, I guess


NIceeee !! Any idea how long this can last and if there is any possibility of contamination ? Do I need to change the environment to grow ?

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You are growing mushrooms! It comes from when the mushroom experiences some kind of stress (light, humidity, oxygen, …) or when the time simply has come.

If you want them to become nice mushrooms, you need to create the right conditions. This means light, oxygen flow and keeping the fruiting bodies (the thingies you see) humid (aka spray it with water a few times each day -> no droplets!).

As it is now, your mushrooms don’t have enough oxygen. Big stems and small caps indicate that. You should open the box or create some kind of fresh airflow. In this stage, sterility is less of an issue anymore.


So it won’t be a problem if I remove the cover of my box and let it stand in my bedroom for example ? :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Yes, that would work fine :). Do keep in mind that it will dry out fast. You’ll need to humidify multiple times per day to prevent that.

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awesome ! I will do it so as you said :slight_smile: thank you :smiley:


The fruiting is triggered by the blue box, Pleurotus loves blue light :wink:


ow nice I didn’t know that thanks for the info ! :slight_smile: