Amsterdam EdgeRyder

Through a fellow Hyper Island alumni that created a MethodKit for UnMonastery, I’ve received the great pleasure of being introduced to EdgeRyders.

I still have hard time seeing how I can fully engage with others in this platform, so all introductions and/or questions are very welcome!

Looking forward to meeting you,


Another hypernaut here

Hi Annet,

welcome to our home on the internets. My guess is you are referring to Ola. We were at hyper the same year, I was in the first IAD batch in Stockholm :slight_smile:

Ok so Edgeryders is a sprawling scene with people doing different things in different constellations. It can be a bit of a challenge getting an overview at times. I think you might find participating in the weekly community calls helpful. They take place every thursday at 11:00 CEST. To join them just add edgeryders on skype and we’ll ping you at 11:00 to see if you want to join.

You may also find reading, and contributing to, the weekly community newsletters helpful towards getting to know the community and explore where you might like to get involved. I posted the one for last week here:

Woop! Go Hypernauts!

Hey Nadia,

Thank you so much for your quick reply! I’m definitely going to participate in one of the talks, although I might be occupied with my day job during those hours. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:



Welcome then…

Hello Annet, welcome from me too.

Most people don’t engage so much with Edgeryders as with the projects happening in Edgeryders at any given time. At the moment we are building an ethnography of stewardship; testing collective intelligence software; and looking for alternative leaders to Nepal’s nation building process. More are in the loop, or developing slowly. If any of these interests you, let us know and we can discuss.

Ciao Alberto

Thank you for the explanation. How can I assist from a non-developer perspective? I’m specialised in trend reports, group dynamics, strategy, business development and new business pitches.

Most of us

Oh, most of us are non-developers. If you look into the projects I linked, you will find some activities that you might be interested in. For example, @Ruxandra is involved in trying a piece of software that should help us to summarize large, complex discussions; maybe she can tell you more about that, and you can see whether you are interested in helping out. @Natalia_Skoczylas can be your point of reference for Nepal: this post that contains info on ways in which you might be involved.

But is what you like is business development… then we could do even more together! Read this post, and ask @Nadia about it at tomorrow’s community call. I’ll try to be there too. smiley

Thursday, not tomorrow :slight_smile:

Alberto the call is on thursday at 11:00, not tomorrow…