An Edgeryders Culture: what does it mean and how can it be expressed?



Hei hei! Hope to see you around September though…

Do events and camps fall under the scope of Wellcome’s Public Engagement grants? What is relevant I believe is understand if we taking about a pitch or a call we should be looking out for? A concentrated exploratory workshop - limited in size and publicity is doable, can you say more about how you see it connecting with the camp in terms of concept and who would be involved?

re: network mapping: I’m sure there would be people to find to study edgeryders artistic (sub)community in a research program. @ChrisC was asking about this not long ago, but he is into international relations… Maybe there are overlaps though?


I have some good news - I got invited to come to the International Festival of Contemporary Arts - City of Women. I promised the organisers some posts and networking :slight_smile: They cover all my costs. Let the network expand :slight_smile:


Great! Where and when?