Appointment with the notary

Hi @alberto ,
It kind of slipped my mind that i need to contact and fix an appointment with the notary. Can you share their contacts, will do this asap. Also, i would feel more comfortable that you are in the meeting, I guess it means you should be in Brussels. Can you remind me when you are back. You are off from 23 Nov to 10 Dec, correct?


Need to look into my notes from the meeting with Mark. Maybe @Lee has it somewhere accessible?

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This is Mark’s recommendation: That’s the one I think he said is consulted sometimes for legislative proposals on cohousing. He also said to not go with with Deleux. For the latter my notes say “cooperatives”.

In Vosberg they went with this one: Also an academic it seems.

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Hi @Lee , hi @alberto ,
Regarding the notary, i can surely contact both places for an appointment, maybe it’s better we check them both and decide which is better for us? It also depends on what’s their fees etc (and availability, of course).

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Hi @reef-finance ,
I have booked the earliest possibility to meet the Anne Verhaeghe notaire on Friday, 2 December at 3pm. I asked to check whether this is possible online as they are in Meise. They will come back to me on that but normally it should be ok. Who would be available?

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No chance for me, I will be at a retreat and on a different time zone…

Hi @reef-finance ,

Here are the two meetings booked with two notaires, let me know what is possible. Manuel, my partner will be traveling for 8 days so it won’t be to easy for me, but i can try to attend at least one meeting if i know what i need to ask.

  • Friday 2 December at 3pm with Anne Vergaeghe office
  • Friday, 2 December at 18h30 with Pierre Yves Erneux



Thanks a lot @ugne for taking care of this! If it’s online I could make myself available for both meetings.

As to the purpose of the meeting I think it’s mostly to establish a first contact and learn about how they collaborate with cohousings. It’s less about pricing as far as I understand, as most of the costs are determined by law (and not by the complexity of the case).

Other than that I would like to get more clarity about this:

  • The chronological order of things to do when we purchase a site
  • Idem for the things to do before we start building
  • The pros and cons of a hybrid legal structure (coopropriété & cooperative) like they have in Okelaar

Second this. Ideally, we would have a “step-by-step guide to building a cohousing”. Focused, of course, on the legal stuff: “the ASBL purchases the option for a site, then we create a Maatschap, then the ASBL transfers the option to the Maatschap, then all the money is put into locked accounts, then the buildinng permit arrives, then the Maatschap finalizes the purchase of a site” etc.


Hi Ugne, I would be available et 3 pm.

Hi there, if its online, I can join for 45 minutes at 3pm. I need to be somewhere in the centre of Brussels at 4pm. I won’t be able to attend the one at 6.30 though

This is great, in this case, i suggest:

  • Friday 2 December at 3pm with Anne Vergaeghe office - attendees : Lie, Celine and Vicky
  • Friday, 2 December at 18h30 with Pierre Yves Erneux - attendees: Lie and Ugne (i will try to get a babysitter for an hour)

if you don’t mind, i will send a summarized questions to both notaires so they know what to expect. Let me know, thanks.


guys did you see this workshop?

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are we going to invite and accept external investors to the common spaces? if you are member of the coop you can get parts even if you don’t live there.
are we going to do a lot of activities with an economic return for us?
are we open to have one private space owned by people who don’t live there?

answers to those questions, and other questions which i dont have now, will help to make the best possible choice

@manuelpueyo the reasoning behind a hybrid structure is that you take out about half a million euro from the budget, and also that it becomes easier to accept monetary income (rent) for the use of the multipurpose room.

In such a system external investors can buy shares, but they won’t be taking any decisions about what happens to The Reef. This is legally solved by a system of different kinds (a, b and c) of shareholders. Some of the explanation of this can be found in our report of the visit to De Okelaar.


Hi @Lee , @VickyVanEyck , @Celine_D
Can you confirm you received to your private emails the invitation for tomorrow’s call at 3pm. I initially I sent the Microsoft teams invite, but they told me they had some issues with teams and prefer the webex that they sent yesterday. I replaced the webex link in the invitation, but not sure it will work, so better to use it directly from your email. Just in case. Let me know. Thanks

@ugne: well received!

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I can support that Friday if needs be


Hi @Mas , welcome to join the one at 6h30 :slight_smile: