April 19 - 26: Please send me your best of Edgeryders!

Hi guys,

Can you share with me in a comment below:

  1. Your favourite posts and conversations on edgeryders: URL + One sentence description of what is so cool about it

  2. Any upcoming event: URL + one sentence description

We push them out on social media to highlight the great people, events, projects and conversations happening in here!

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The following post describes how a local mesh net, combined with P2P protocols, can be creatively and securely used as an off-grid communications network for a variety of purposes.

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As for events, I am continuously tagging everything event-related that is posted to Edgeryders with #event, so you can find it all here: https://edgeryders.eu/tags/event

People can subscribe to that tag to be notified by e-mail about new Edgeryders-related events. Sadly, few if any people know that this is possible, so we might want to spread that information around as well …

And as for discussions: it’s a bit specialized, but we had very productive discussion here with @felix.wolfsteller and @hugi, creating what is (I think) the world’s best list of open source scheduling and booking applications by now:

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Event: https://edgeryders.eu/t/what-makes-a-sustainable-work-space-for-collectives-in-brussels-see-you-on-1-may/9771
Edgeryders culture team is launching #cultureCulture next week in Brussels: a local-global platform for urgent challenges faced by urban collectives. Want to join or host an event? Get in touch!