Beyond the Obvious 2019

For those of us who might want to go, maybe pitch again, or discover some new artists and topics - here is the registration for BtO conference this October. This time the focus is art in the non-urban areas.

Thanks Nat, I think we should definitely go, this time perhaps with @Marina? She’s closer to the heritage/arts crowd, so I suggest we put together an application. @alex_levene this could also be something that connects with Bedford culture Culture group?

Did you understand where it will take place? I think somewhere in Switzerland or Germany, but it’s not clear…

yes, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Sure, let’s try!

I will be at the same time at ietm meeting in Rijeka - they invited me to moderate a panel at the plenary meeting, and I think Alex is coming with me. But I can help preparing a pitch

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I’ll pass the message on to Bedford parters and see if they’re interested. For me I see more value in Rijeka for those days, especially if Natalia is presenting!

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Ah, I don’t remember the details of that… IETM? Maybe put it in the squad calendar so we dont overlap?

Yes surprise surprise! It looks like we made a great impression on them - Alex is going unaffiliated, and I got invited to moderate a panel and get paid for it. I really want to continue this relationship, for myself at least.

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Congratulations!! Looking forward to read/hear more about it and see how it goes…!

Do you want us to set the date to work on this?

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yes, next week, Mon or Tuesday, picnic in the forest and laptops? :smiley:

sounds good :slight_smile:

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