Bioplastic from banana peels

Hi all, long time since I posted something on the forum! Hope you’re all doing well.

I was wondering whether someone has tips and tricks for making bioplastic out of banana peels. I’ve been checking out some videos and tutorials on this type of bioplastic and the process for making this typical brownish plastic (e.g. ) is pretty straightforward.

However I was wondering whether anyone has gone beyond this process and tried to make a better looking version of it?

Thanks for the input!

Hei hei. Maybe @shravan has some info or ideas since he’s been involved in banana stems processing for other materials? I can guess lots of research went into that :slight_smile:

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Ahh our experimentation was a lot more rudimentary to make paper :slight_smile: .

We mainly dabbled in the banana fibre and I do remember my partners, a while back, worked with someone for a test piece of a bio-plastic with about 5% banana fibre and 95% corn starch. It looked nice but it wasn’t very viable, and more concentration of banana fibre was unfeasible (I can’t remember the reason)

@JasperB I am not sure how it works with the banana peel (the only thing I think we played around with this was making dyes for shirts) but my reckoning is that the stem allows you to separate the constituent parts of liquid, pulp, and fibre more effectively to work around with than the peel, which is a lot more mushy / mixed and harder to separate out, could be why it does not form in a cleaner manner. That’s about all that I’ve got to contribute I’m afraid :slight_smile:


Oh I’m sure that’s useful… and you know you have a volunteer here still ready to go to Zambia and learn some craft :stuck_out_tongue:
How far along in this are you @JasperB ?

Hey man - sorry for silly questions - but why do you want to make bio plastic? why is the need for plastic in the first place? and what use cases you want to cover with this proposal for bio plastic.