Biweekly 2/12 - Agenda and Notes

This is the agenda for our upcoming biweekly session, this Wednesday at 17h. We can keep the similar format as so far:

  • team leaders’ updates concerning both projects, POPREBEL and NGI
  • Amelia’s time out: how is it going?
  • any upcoming events to promote?
  • RezNet progress on Green Deal Calls
  • proposal for Christmas gathering
  • defining action points

Need to be there: @alberto @nadia @noemi @MariaEuler @johncoate @matthias @hugi @IvanC

Everyone else welcome!

Please add any points you wish to discuss on the agenda.


I would like to bring up the editorial work of putting together the community journalism output… Am going to need help from ethnographers, Alberto and Community managers for this: The Community Journalism Deliverable - Workspace

The other thing I would like to bring up is the AMA: who do we want to comment/ get involved in this? We need this info to do a targeted outreach campaign…

@johncoate and me will come 10 min late so we can check-in with the ethno team fo the AMA before.

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I just want to know the link to get to the meeting

Hi @crisgar, thanks for your interest. However, these biweekly meetings are for the team members working across the ongoing projects :slight_smile:

Present @alberto, @hugi, @IvanC, @johncoate, @MariaEuler, @marina, @matthias, @nadia, @noemi, @Wolha

@nadia - a general point on giving value to our content:

  • there is a huge amount of quality content on the platform in all three projects
  • there has been a positive feedback from the little book on remote work with its pop approach on what we do
  • it would be interesting to put together the produced content, give it a structure and proper editing and publish it, adapting the form for different usages, from academic to pop

it would:

  • avoid the undervaluation
  • create a thing that lives a life of its own later on
  • solve a pushback problem caused by lack of quality optics
  • involve ethnographers, copywriters, graphic designers

The book could be sent to the contributors and partners

  • we would honour a social contract with the people
  • we would leave a concrete thing behind

Nadia takes charge of organising this – will need editorial calls (in December)


NGI 273 contributors 3600 posts 579k words

POPREBEL 316 contributors 2106 posts 436k words
(including Campfire)


  • the MILESTONES are reached
  • the review maybe in January

The amendment in front of us, probably before the end of the year

community journalism production – possible deliverable wise?

What did Nesta ask for?

  • do not present a list of links
  • find thought leaders in technologies and make them produce written pieces

Three considerations from our side:

  • diversity – not everyone can write and that is why we engaged a journalist (Inge is already working on the journalist part)
  • journalism does not look like it used to, we are following more participatory and modern format
  • presenting a document as the one mentioned in the beginning would solve the optics that generate this problem

On commissioning experts to provide pieces:

9 December next AMA with psychologist Erik Bohjort, evolved from the child care event
related to this, we have to:

  1. propose Nesta to join and ask relevant questions
  2. get some questions from the ethnography team for AMA outreach purposes

NGI deliverable is due now

problems and solutions:

  • the ethnographers input into the structuring deliverables is necessary
  • they coded the content and they need to be in the conversations
  • since it regards only the NGI, Leonie is the natural point of contact

Green Deal

Making sense on what is going on and how to finalise negotiations as in the update post.

Currently we are on four application which make sense and have a serious potential (we dropped some for this reasons)

actively working on Area 10 topic 2 call with @amelia in charge:

  • weekly meetings and proposal writing workshop tomorrow
    It is going in a good direction, but still in a shaping phase. Everything could fall into doing at the same time

Dropped the CKIC call for budget reasons

Joining the consortium on Area 10 topic 1:

  • pro: fairly advanced working document
  • contro: still have not had a discussion and do not know who the partners are
  • the working meeting is on 3 December, Alberto will attend

Next week a clear situation is expected and the writing can begin

Too early to discuss next year strategy – January is the good moment

Christmas in January

2 alternatives: outside facilitator, rate is around 1k or something informal for a couple of hours together without facilitations (chemistry sensitive, not a happy go lucky crowd)

Hugi’ s side

Two applications:

Red Cross South Africa and COP in the worldbuilding optics

Partnership ER Kulturbryggan and Trans Europe Halles

  • Kulturbryggan is working on a research on art and culture funding.
  • The output is a document that recommends to the Swedish authority the ways for next generation funding.
  • They are interested at what we do at Blivande and ER and how the communities all over Europe work on funding.
  • It is a perfect combination for Trans Europe Halles and ER: their quantitative datasets for our qualitative ER and SSNA. We can convene a large conversation, knowing exactly who are we looking for.

Friday is the deadline, quite some resources available and the budget depends on the mission of the scope (supposedly 100k)

Our suggestion: conversation to include people not only from cultural sectors

The pitch is: next generation for future funding is a framework which does not separate culture and arts from society – examples Blivande, Messina, some Reef: ecosystem with culture and art at the center, bearer of culture around which the people gather for other things


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