Building networks for learning: How can I build a sustainable peer-peer learning community for social entrepreneurs ?

So, our zoom rooms are already take 17:00 to 19:00 Brussels time Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but we can schedule anything else that would work for you.
Just agree on something here :slight_smile:

Hello! am interested to join please keep me update once you schedule the call

Looks like you have a wealth of resources and examples here. Another one that I have been lucky enough to participate in is optiMize at the University of Michigan. ( It has seen explosive growth and success in terms of providing peer-to-peer community to social entrepreneurs at the University of Michigan and getting millions of dollars of funding through donations and university funding. It was started by a student, Jeff Sorenson who was named by Forbes as one of the 30 under 30 for his work with starting optiMize. I guess my main point here is the sky is the limit for you and your endevours. Also, If helpful I would be happy to talk more and/ or connect you with the organizers at optiMize because I can already tell you they would be interested in offering guidance if it would be helpful.

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Hey really sorry for the late reply, the emails get lost in my inbox. I am happy to have a call this week any day between Tuesday and Thurs. Let me know!!!

This looks really cool! Yes, let’s talk. I am available anytime this week between tom and thurs.

I want to create meetups centred on failure and problem-solving challenges. If you have any ideas for activities or something you’ve seen before, do share!


Hello @gazbiasorour, @Abacagames, @zmorda, @WaelAura, how would wednesday 23rd 17:00 Brussels time work for you?

I can swing it!

OptiMize is amazing! Is it open sourced? How can we on EdgerRyders especially the OCI Lab P2P incubator project can customize it to make the incubation process more effective? I am very interested to utilize such tools into bringing business-peers together. This goes in combination with integration of CoFounderLab and CoFoundersClub @zmorda @sohayeb



I set up a zoom call for you guys:
Edgeryders Team is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Building networks for learning Call
Time: Oct 23, 2019 05:00 PM Brussels

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Meeting ID: 306 321 0325

please invite everyone you think might be interested :slight_smile:

actually sorry i mixed up my calendar. I can’t tomorrow except in the morning (anytime before 1 pm brussels time). or I can do Thursday during the day as well.

who is still coming? should we keep it or do you guys want to organise your own meeting?

i won’t be able to make it at 5 unfortunately, I can probably do 5:30 if you can postpone for 30 min

Just join in 5:30 :slight_smile:

Hey Maria,

Sorry to leave you hanging. I thought I would join at 5:30 but I didn’t realize the host had to initiate the meeting so I wish I had made that clear. Also have been having internet issues so it was a lost cause anyways.

I was looking forward to the group meeting but if anyone wants to talk one on one in the future my google hangouts email is abacagames At and I am usually free around this time. After this I will make a habit of traveling to better internet ( I live in the country)

I’ll be driving with bad internet connection… I’ll stepp in.

Probably best if you guys find a timeslot that works for you (one can add polls here in discourse) and than just ping me if you want me to set it up or do it with hangout or Skype :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

I am new here so I apologize if I missed something in this thread, but did you end up having a meeting or was it cancelled?

Together with a team of 5 people here Denmark, we are working on a project that is very much aligned with the topic of this thread.

The short version: We are working on a tool/platform, which has the aim of connecting actors within social and environmental change with each other and across multiple sectors. Our foundation is that there is much potential being lost, due to the lack of collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing between actors and initiatives.

My proposal:
I would love to talk to those of you, who are engaged in this topic, to explore if we somehow could and should join forces in developing it?

We have already done quite a bit of work, including qualitative and quantitive research, concept development and building a network around the project, BUT we are more than open to partner up with others. In the end, if our mission is the same, why work separately on something with so much potential.

Hope to hear from you



Yes optiMize is crazy cool. I dont know how they are so awesome honestly. While they are not opensource on paper, knowing Jeff and the crew I bet they would be eager to share their successes and failures and how the program ticks with peers like yourself if they can find the time. This might sound weird but if you contribute to this post or even just play this game I would be forever indebted to you: I am looking for fellow fans… 7 + billion people and I cant find a single other fan of what I think maybe my favorite game ever made… The game is about climate change. Our social entreprise which was a product of optiMize cohort 7 also makes eco-concious games about climate so it is not as random as it sounds :slight_smile:

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My small team and I are very much in your target group (environmental social entrepreneurs). Let me know how we can help and I am happy to meet. I havent quite figured out notifications on this site but abacagames (at) gmail is a more sure firer way to reach me. Also like I told wael I would be super indebited if you played this awesome and short climate game and commented on this thread: