buying mushroom spawn / seeds

I have interest in vegan leather. Now, I am conducting interesting and many successful experiments with scoby. The world of mushrooms is fascinating. I will go deep in readings in August. I have a relative in UK now coming to Egypt. I attempted to buy an oyster mushroom growing kit at the institute of agriculture research in Cairo, but it seemed to be a mission impossible. :slight_smile: Beside Ganoderma lucidum, what other kinds of mushrooms you find interesting to experiment with. What is your favorite mushroom and why? What kind of mushroom would withstand the harsh dry weather in Cairo? I can experiment in a different city more humid or create the environment in lab.

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I like Coriolus versicolor and Pleurotus ostreatus the most. The former because of aggressive growth and versatility in substrates. Pleurotus because it also gives yummy mushrooms :slight_smile:

@Elise is working on a large dataset of species and substrates. She may be able to help you. Perhaps even to exchange species?

You can also harvest local mushrooms and start a culture from that. If you pick wild ones carefully, you could use this guide to propagate them:

In fact, harvesting local mushrooms makes a lot of sense, since these will likely be well adapted to local temperatures, humidity, … and substrates.

Trametes (or Coriolus) Versicolor is also my favourite species. I can send you a sample if you want, send me a PM if you’re interested. Beside that I can also send you: Ganoderma Lucidium and Pestalotiopsis microspora (plastic degrading species).

Or you can have a look if this websites send to Egypt: or