Calling young femme leaders and activist projects

I’ve arranged a call with one of the Tunisian team at the
Frida Young Feminist Fund
this week.

In their words:

"In the face of today’s most pressing inequalities, young feminist organizers are not afraid of disrupting status quo and pushing boundaries while holding the ground gained by those who came before.
_We think they should be recognized for their bravery, creativity, and resilience.
By supporting young feminist organizers and co-creating new cultures of collective leadership, we can amplify their impact.
We are creating a world free of oppression and violence."

I thought to see if I can link them up with many of our extraordinary young women changemakers, in particular those active across the MENA region but also across all our network. Before the call I wanted to open it up here to see if anyone has projects they think I should put forward and keep in mind. At this stage I’m thinking of the work of @Yosser @zmorda @HadeerGhareeb @anu @Dorsaf @dorra-b @Heba @pin

Does anyone else know of any other young female or femme-identifying leaders in our network that I aught to consider flagging their work?

Ping @nadia @noemi

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Thanks for sharing this @anique.yael, curious if they funding projects-to-be or rewarding existing outstanding work?

Would add @kate_g @elene_margvelashvili.

I just saw this update on facebook from @medhin_paolos - her work is definitely worth a look:

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Hi Anique,

I would be interested in your project. We can chat via email -

Have a great day,

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Actually @aishacvertus the goal is first to chat here. That gives the Edgeryder community a more efficient ability to know what you do and how you can fit a project I think.

@anique.yael please meet Aisha, a good friend of mine, coming from Montreal with Haitian roots. Aisha is many things but above all she’s an activist in music, culture, heritage, and afrofeminism. She’s currently based in Europe, Brussels if my infosare up to date. I let here introducer herself a little more if needed, but you need to have a chat indeed :smiley:

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Hi @anique.yael :slight_smile:

It is very thoughtful of you. I checked the website of Frida Young Feminist Fund . I am impressed and thank them for doing what they are doing- making resources accessible to make amazing ideas come to life. Talking about my project, along with founding Open Village House Kathmandu along with @matthias. I along with my three female friends from New-york are working in small project of Establishing a Library in small village of Nepal in March. We will also be conducting women hygiene awareness and interaction programs in villages for young school girls to women :slight_smile: Hoping to talk more about this.

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Fantastic thanks @noemi @gregoiremarty!

@aishacvertus I’ve replied to your direct message but yes we’d love if you can share more on your projects here on the platform, that way we can keep the communication channels open in case other people want to get involved.

@anu Wonderful! I’ll mention what you’re up to in the call Friday and be in touch :love_letter:

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