Changing job again

As I wrote it in my previous post, I started new studies and my aim is to become a dance therapyst. I’ll have schooling for the next 2,5 years mainly on the weekends in Budapest and I’ll have blocks of workshops in the Czech Republic. Beside of this I also have my regular 8-5 job in Brno.

Before moving to Brno a year ago I worked for 6 years in Vienna as a biologist in an population genetic/conservation genetic laboratory and now I have the opportunity to go back to this pervious job. After considering this for long I decided to take this chance and move back to Vienna.

My plan is of course to continue my dance therapy studies, but for this transition period it is a better option for me to be in Vienna. It is closer to Budapest, so I need to spend less time with travelling and I can also save more money. And last but not least I will be close to my very good Viennese friends again.

Brno is a really nice and livable city with a lot of events all around the year. I came here after growing up in Budapest and living the last 6 years in Vienna and to be honest I was affraid that life in this „small” city will be boring. Of course the richness of events is not compairable with Vienna or Budapest, but the city is full of life and there are always programs to choose from, I am never bored.

Also Brno has a very good location for outdoor activities, which I like a lot. You don’t even need to leave the city and you can find nice woods for small hikes and with only a bit of travelling you can make bigger hikes, bike tours, in winter cross country sky tours or you can skate on a lake.

Many positive expericenses, but with speaking Czech language only on a basic level (and with not drinking beer :-)) it is very difficult for me to make strong connections to people and I have a feeling that I am a bit isolated here.

The road of my life brings me back to Vienna for a while now, but for sure this won’t be the endstation. I have a Czech partner and it might happen that I will move back to the Czeck Republic again. :slight_smile:


Bogi, thank you so much for this wonderful post. I am happy you enjoyed Brno a bit. But Vienna and Budapest are very difficult competitors for Brno in cultural life, haha, but i agree there is always plenty to do and see. And the surroundings of the city…i knew u would enjoy this! I’m sure you are looking forward to new adventures in Vienna.

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For sure I enjoyed my stay! I explored more of the country in one year than Austria in 6 years.
And as I said before there is a high chance that I will come back to the country again. Hopefully already being stronger in Czech. :slight_smile:

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And we are not done exploring;)

Hi @Bogi nice to meet you, congrats for the courage to post online!
I have moved out of my home country some time ago, and wrote about the new bubbles you become part of as a migrant:

Were you part of the workshop in Brno? if so, what did you learn that you would like to see explored further? I’m asking because this year hopefully more community gatherings will happen all over Europe and it is nice if they are dealing with the subjects people care most about!
I attended the one in Belgrade and entrepreneurship in a post soviet country was a key thing that was discussed - there seems to be momentum that people set up their own initiatives - whether it’s a gaming company or a dance project!