Co-creating new realities

Co-creating new realities. Imagine what it would be like to solve every challenge we face. Imagine you could talk to anyone you need to and you can help everyone you want to. Imagine you’re being connected to everyone, spiritually as well as through the internet. Imagine you can raise every question. Share every idea and improve them. Build together. Imagine you can create any reality you want to. What would you do? Where will you find them? How do you address this challenge? Imagine the internet will help solve everything. As quickly as possible. Imagine ideas being filtered by their quality, and you can set the filter, you can change the algorithms to work for you, intentionally. Serving you.

Imagine a platform like this. Will you help me develop this idea and make it into a reality?

Could it be as simple as sharing challenges?

Like: self-sufficient and abundant cities. Hosting the topic and solve it?

Homes for everyone, support and care for anyone who needs, organize needed funding and create a reality of support.

Simply designing new practices and distributing it, gifting it, and creating a culture of gifting eachother forward into abundance for all.

Simple? Naive? Tell me? Want to explore this with me?

Starting from a blank slate or learning from the past?

Hi @ewoudvenema it was nice meeting you at The Reef in Brussels a few weeks ago. I thought your experience at the Synergy Hub in Rotterdam is really telling and contains lesssons to keep when moving forward. We all stand to learn from them, as they point to what works and what doesn’t in co-design within a community pretty aligned in values.

If you ever feel like listing the most important things you’ve learned in a few paragraphs for a read by other edgeryders, it would be super helpful. If I can help in any way let me know, I’d be happy to have a skype and support documenting/posting them. It also helps the development of our common Reef!


Hey @Noemi, yes let’s talk and see what’s valuable to share with the Edgeryders community! I liked visiting Brussels too!

Tell me when’s best to connect!

Community call tomorrow ++

Hey @ewoudvenema you’re welcome to join the call tomo Wed at 18:00 where we meet new people and design together the event later this year around building the OpenVillage - whose concept by now you know super well :))

I can also prepare a short interview guide and we can have a one on one later to writeup the insights you mentioned the other week, if that’s okay…

Hope to see you tomo!

Alright, I’ll join! I’d also love to share another idea :slight_smile:


Several years ago @Jean_Russell curated a collection of essays around the theme of thrivability (available here) and recently published a book on how to build thrivable organisations.

They may be helpful as a starting point? Maybe Jean has some advice to share?