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About Edgeryders: Boilerplate text

  • Created in 2012. Is an international community consisting of 5000 members in 80 countries. It’s members interact through and an open source digital platform with it’s own custom made digital tools for large scale dialogue and coordination, as well as through community events such as workshops, conferences, retreats and festivals.
  • Notable members: Robin Chase, Founder of Zipcar, Amelia Andersdotter former MEP for the Swedish Pirate Party and Digital Rights activist, Fabrizio Barca - Ex General Director of division chief at the research department of the Bank of Italy,[6] chief of the department of development and cohesion policies at the treasury with previous tenures as chief at the research department of the Bank of Italy,and the president of the OECD’s territorial policies committee.
  • Mission: Support a diverse groups of people with the relations ships, information, knowledge, tools and opportunities to accelerate the transition to a greener, more equitable and humane society for all.
  • Born out of Council of Europe Research project on social cohesion at the Council of Europe, an international organisation which houses the European Court of Human Rights, which enforces the European Convention on Human Rights in Europe. It’s stated aim is to uphold human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Europe.
  • It is supported by a not for profit company with the same name registered in Estonia. The company is stewarded by 6 directors based in Belgium, Germany, Sweden and the United States.
  • The company develops its own technologies, methodologies and insights through academic research cooperations with leading Universities.
  • Partners, Clients and funders include: University of Bordeaux, City of Matera, City of Galway, City of Milan, City of Amsterdam, Stockholm School of Economics, Nesta, Aarhus University, EIT- Climate Kic, World Bank, UNDP, European Commission and the Rockefeller foundation.
  • Notable successes: Mentioned by Italian Daily La Repubblica as having played a role in the Economic growth of the Italian City of Matera, Has been involved in the successful bids for European Capital of Culture of the cities of Matera and Galway, Has influenced the design of the new Belgian Strategy for International Development and Cooperation.

Materials for Storytelling around concept and people

  • In depth article based on interview of Alberto as economist and Sci fi fan
    (Start with reference to extinction rebellion and rise of many protest movements this year. All comes back down to economic system, Alberto’s own background as a musician activist then environmental economist, traditional economic thinking to date and why it is unfit for purpose, include reference to Vaclav Smil’s recent book that is making the waves. Then get into the work of sci fi authors that provides glimpse into alternative, the road to the event now (bottom up, started with reading list, then UNDP picked up on it and realised it was a thing and cory jumping on board - kind of a narrativised dramatic unfolding). It should be something that facilitates the publication of an article by the media or the press - 800-1000 words - Deadline: 25/10. Responsible: @inge and @alberto.

  • Snippets of “best of Econ + Scifi” discussions on platform conversations predating the event (e.g from the reading list discussions). We are compiling them here. We turn these intoQuote Banners here.

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