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Edgeryders Projects

Our Work

  • Intelligent Events Kit. Using documentation and ethnographic techniques to increase the impact of events. (More)
  • SenseStack: Technologies for turning online conversations into collective wisdom and action. (More)
  • Technology for co-creation . Building experimental software and methodology for decentralized organizations and co-created culture. (More)
  • Capacity building for climate action. We mobilizeg alternative actors and engineer public/private partnerships to discover solid, transmissible, system-level understandings of the sort of transformation we, as a civilization, are trying to achieve. (More )
  • The Science Fiction Economics Lab: A meeting of minds where we can learn from each other what future economies might look, like inspired by science fiction. (More)
  • Virtual coworking (“remote work”, “teleworking”, “smart working”) . We offer tools, training and change management for better, happier online teamwork… (More here and here).
  • The Reef. Green, beautiful spaces for the 99%. The reef is an experiment for redefining urban living to achieve instances of radical decarbonization through new housing models i.e. green urban living. (More).
  • EarthOS. Handbooks and learning programs for green housing, working and socialising. (More)
  • NGI Forward. An online community platform to further the Next Generation Internet as the key European entity and space for radical new thinking on the future internet (More)
  • POPREBEL. An inter-disciplinary research project focused on explaining and contextualising the recent rise of populism in Central and Eastern Europe. (More)

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