Copywriting freelance work for the summit: Description of what we need next

Hi everyone, what follows is a description of what copywriting we need ahead of our series of online events for this year.

Most of the sessions will be in English, but people can add elements to the program in whichever languages they like!

So we are looking for a crew of people who can help produce the materials in multiple languages: English, Polish, Serbian, Czech, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

Each Summit or Webinar is a two step process:

1- We have the main event (Summit or Webinar).
2- And before each summit we organise pre-summit events consisting of "listening sessions to (example here). The insights gleaned from the pre-summit events are intended to feed into the summit programming, as well as to build the audience for it.

The first summit is on the topic of resilient livelihoods: Sneak Peek: Covid19 + Resilient Livelihoods: An Online Summit

We would like to engage would be participants to do three things:

  1. Register to participate in the event (you get a ticket in exchange for writing a personal introduction in the form of thoughtful blog post related to the subject matter on our online forum prior to the event). The purpose is for the participants to identify what the key questions are to bring up during the real time event. As well as for the community managers to meaningfully help people make new contacts before and after the event.

  2. Sign themselves up as organisers of online listening sessions such as this one (same format, but topics of their own choosing, but relevant to the summit theme):

  3. Help us to get word out to a much larger audience. Ideally by sending a personal invitation to people whom they believe should be involved.

The Copywriting deliverables are:

  • Invitation text for general audience ( 2 x editorialised post of approx. 1 A4 length + 2 x A5 summary texts)
  • Landing page + registration form (which ought to engage people to do 1,2,3! :point_up_2:. It currently looks like this:
  • 5 x Status updates for Twitter with calls to actions ( to do 1,2,3 :point_up_2:)
  • 5 x Status updates/posts for Linkedin
  • 5 x Social Media Flyers ( 2 x event announcement, 3x calls to action)
  • Communication materials for soliciting support from potential partners and funders
    • Max 150 word email directed to people with whom we already have a relationship to ask for their help
    • 1-2 Page Summary of the program to be attached as PDF
    • 2 x Cold call text for Linkedin message package: ( 1 opener, 1 follow up - max 1 short paragraph each)
    • 2x Cold call text for social media package: ( 1 tweet opener, 1 follow up Tweet, 1 follow up DM)

The events are intended to support our fundraising efforts for a scaled down version of this program.

Is this something you would be interested in doing?

If so, please do the following

  1. put together a rough estimate of the budget in terms of pay and time you would require to work on this.
  2. Then contact @kajafarszky with the proposal
  3. We will get back to you within 2 days.

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