Creating an "investor profile" for The Reef

Hi @Sophie_Beese , from the finance team, the representation at the 29 Jan at 8pm meeting will be @RichardB , @VickyVanEyck & @Celine_D . Thank you !!


Hello @reef-inclusion, @RichardB and @VickyVanEyck,

To set the scene, create a shared understanding and hopefully save some time I have drafted a short note on where I think we currently stand with inclusion in The Reef. It is saved on Nextcloud > Team Inclusion > “Inclusion in The Reef” (internal link)

To make the most out of our time I think it would be good if we would make an an agenda to structure the meeting. If need be we can do this sociocratically on the spot, by first doing a round for ideas, and then consenting on a proposal made by the facilitator.

Here are some suggestions:

  • What do we mean when we talk about investors? (5 min, see note)

  • When would the investors join the project? (10 min, see note)

  • Should the investors become members of the asbl? (10 min, see note)

  • When we approach a candidate investor: what do we tell them?

    • Price, timing, ROI?
    • Taking part in decision-making?
    • Legal security?
    • Hassle: finishing the casco apartment, finding tenants, taking care of repairs, …
    • Expectations in terms of speculation and succession
  • The investor convention: contract or gentleman’s agreement?

  • Get things rolling so we can talk to investors: making a to do list + who does what

But of course it can be many other things too eh!


Hello @VickyVanEyck , when you have a moment could you please upload the minutes from Sunday’s meeting with Sophie including the division of labour so we can take it from there? Perhaps heres a good place:
Thanks indeed!

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@RichardB hey, I have put them in this folder (internal link)