Creating an open co-creation platform for Leeuwarden-Fryslân ECoC 2018

Hi everyone!

This is my very first post here. I’ve been following the platform for a little while now (around 1 year) and I am still being amazed by your productivity and shared knowledge. I am currently working for Leeuwarden-Fryslân European Capital of Culture 2018 as part of the communication and marketing team, where I’m looking into setting up an online platform on which the communities surrounding our cultural programme can join forces and find eachother. This ‘looking into’ has developed into the subject of my bachelor thesis for the course Media and Entertainment Management.

In my research, I’m specifically looking into the interactions that take place on co-creative platforms and the dialogue between the organisation behind the platform and its users. Now, I know that with you guys the ownership of the platform itself is a lot more open than with a crowdsourcing platform such as, say, +Acumen or OpenIDEO. What you’re doing builds more on the concept of open-source rather than crowdsourcing, and you’re implementing it in every single part of your operation. Doing this with challenges that relate to society and that are produced because of an intrinisic motivation is very impressive! Most other platforms that try to achieve change or develop new concepts do this based on streamlined extrinisic motivations, such as Kickstarter’s rewards or simply a cash prize for the best idea.

Thus, I would really like to use Edgeryders as a case-study for my thesis. I’m looking for at least two users of the platform to answer a few of my questions over Skype. The questions that I have are based on two models. Firstly, I am trying to find indicators for the quality of the interactions that take place on the platform based on the framework of Prahalad and Ramaswamy (2004) and, secondly, I am trying to create some insight into your overall co-creation activities based on a recent model of Malmelin and Villi (2015).

Even if you’re not willing to be interviewed over Skype, it would be very helpful to me if you could describe how and why you are making use of the platform, and to which categories your activities on the platform fit or don’t fit. Also, if you have any questions, tips, ideas, or remarks about everything I’ve told you so far or regarding the possible platform for Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018, please let me know!

Newcomers always sum it up better!

Hi again @Jort_Klarenbeek!

Not sure if I sent this to you previously, but this post (should we incorporate?) from back when the organisation behind the platform was becoming an organisation and the debate in what was already a community is telling of the dynamics.

I already asked @Natalia_Skoczylas & @Alex_Levene if they want to be interviewed, let’s see. Natalia has been around for a while, and Alex for less - so you could get different takes.

Talk to you later.

Welcome @Jort Klarenbeek , I

Welcome @Jort_Klarenbeek , I could help you out - do you have specified questions? I could find some time next week for a skype as well.

Happy to help if i can

Hi Jort,

As Noemi said, i’ve been around on the Edgeryders platform for only a short time but i’d be happy to help you in any way i can. You might need to explain some of your theories and concepts as i’m more of an ‘interested bystander’ than a technical expert.

Like Natalia, i can fit a Skype session in during the day early next week. Let me know if you want to speak.


“Media and entertainment”?

Hello @Jort_Klarenbeek , welcome. We are delighted that people want to study Edgeryders – I am doing so myself, from a network science perspective. But, Media and Entertainment? That’s not how I’d classify whatever it is we do. Are you sure we are the right subject for your studies?

Thanks everyone!

@Noemi, it was great talking to you this afternoon, thanks again. Your link will be of much help as well!

Hi, @Natalia_Skoczylas, thanks for the reply :) I do have some specified questions, they’re mostly related to why you are motivated to use the platform and what interactions happen on the platform. I can share them with you beforehand or simply talk them through with you over Skype. I’d really appreciate interviewing you! Could you send me your e-mail address or send me an e-mail at

And @Alex_Levene, thanks so much. Early next week should work out perfectly! Could you, too, send me your e-mail address or send me an e-mail at The theories might sound a bit complex, but the interview questions should be fine!

Hi @Alberto, I’ve heard (and read) quite a lot about your work. Impressive, to say the least! Although Media and Entertainment is indeed a long shot away from network science, the platform can definitely be viewed from that perspective. In some way or another, media and entertainment can be related to anything. In the case of Edgeryders, I can reference your community work mostly to marketing strategies and theories, such as Kotler’s Marketing 3.0, but also to theories on co-creation and brand communities. Noemi already explained to me that this perspective is not one on which you base your work (at all) here at Edgeryders, but the similarities are still there. I would really like to explain it a bit more detailed ‘in person’ (over Skype) and possibly interview you. Would you be willing to cooperate?


Hi @Alberto and @Natalia_Skoczylas,

Would you be able to participate in an interview any time soon? I’d really love to learn from your experiences and have your input for my dissertation. I’m aiming to graduate at the beginning of september so if you could find some time to help me out soon that would be very much appreciated!

Please let me know,



I am mostly available. Let’s make an appointment on a private channel. Just go here: (Edgeryders allows you to email members, while still keeping their email safe.

Hey Jort, please add me on skype : notwistgirl

I should be available some time tomorrow, just ping me;)