Culture Squad goes IETM, again



After our brief first encounter in Palestine, where I have joined the Caravan with @alex_levene, and spent an unforgettable, forming week exploring the performative arts scene of Palestine, I was recently contacted by Victor Mayot, who invited me to moderate a panel at the IETM plenary session in Rijeka this October.

It’s a pretty big gig, with approx 500 people attending the event - my session will follow the Friday morning keynote:

What are contemporary performing arts for audiences?
How can we stop projecting the same expectations onto our audiences and open the performing arts to all?

Speaker: Zvonimir Dobrović, Domino, Croatia
Moderator: Natalia Skoczylas, Edgeryders, Germany

I’m thrilled, a little bit stressed (not used to moderating panels at all, but got wonderful support and encouragement from Victor) and very happy that our journey with this amazing platform continues.

We’re going big! :slight_smile: And we’ll be there together with @alex_levene, of course! :slight_smile:

Are you in Croatia or around and want to meet up ?
Drop us a line in a comment here.

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Maybe you can hook up with some of the ECOC people we met in Rijeka last November…Branka and Silvija.

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I hope to have time to do it, are they on the platform? Otherwise i will get their emails.

I’m also planning to attend this edition, so i will see you there @natalia_skoczylas
@johncoate definitely will send a message to Branka and Silvija ahead of time so we can see how they are getting on with their projects. Will be nice to be back in Rijeka after our last great visit there!

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Indeed it will. Noemi talked with Branka about this art space out in the country she is part of. Maybe something there would be relevant.