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Good news finally: Graphryder is up to date again, and can be used to explore the ethnography of the TREASURE project. Current stats for this project in Graphryder are now what @pykoe expects:



The issue was, at least in part, due to weird caching done inside Graphryder. It was showing its graphs even after I deleted all content of the Neo4J database, and even after I stopped the Neo4J service altogether. All while Graphryder’s config.json had “reload_from_database”: true`.

At the moment, Treasure is the only project I have loaded into Graphryder. It should update its data overnight from Discourse, but due to the caching issue I cannot guarantee that right now. If it does not work and you need renewed data, let me know and I will update it.

Also, I will work to bring back the other projects into Graphryder, but only at night from 0:00. So at that time, there might be some downtimes or malfunction of Graphryder, but at all other times, it should work for your purposes.


I’ve created a new topic for the updated visualization part.
Have a look @Nica. I will describe it on the call tomorrow

There is a shell script that reloads the cache after loading a new database. It runs with the cron job. Did you run it?

Matt, you are a hero… again!


When run from IDLE (Python 3.9), my code does not run into an SSL error.

So I tried downloading Tulip 5.7.3, and again no SSL error. Yay! So my Tulip 5.7.0 was the culprit there.

However, I am still running into a separate issue. This happens with Tulip, but not in IDLE. When I load the script into the Tulip IDE, Python takes issue with requests:

responses = requests.Session()
AttributeError: module 'requests' has no attribute 'Session'

Which of course is false.

More info:

  • Tulip 5.7.3 uses Python 3.9.13
  • The requests module is present.
  • I restarted the computer after updating Tulip and requests.
  • The same AttributeError presents itself if I type the command in the Python interpreter.

I already tried to update requests. I am now running 22.3.1. The newest version 24.0 is apparently incompatible with Python 3.9.


the project officers flagged an error on the Graphryder and I checked. It cannot be open on this link:

I am also unable to select the platform and the dataset from

It is rather urgent. Can someone take a look please? @pykoe, @matthias, @daniel, @owen, @alberto

I see this: the selection page opens, but the “select a platform” button malfunctions. I am afraid there is nothing I can do. Over to @daniel I guess.

@ivan: I just fixed the Graphryder system so that it works with the current Treasure dataset, as needed by the project officer:

The issue happened because in the current state of the Graphryder software and its datasets, the nightly automatic data imports do not work reliably anymore and crash the whole system. It worked before, but as the dataset grew and included some strange stuff that I could not yet localiz, it can now crash the whole thing.

To prevent this issue, I have disabled the nightly imports. When somebody wants updates to the Graphryder datasets, that person should tell me and I’ll manually do a re-import. Since the current projects have a rather stable data set now, I don’t expect this to create a major issue.

The real fix is of course to improve the stability of the Graphryder system by fixing the above bugs and reworking its service architecture and data dependency paths. Hope we can get most of that done within the Treasure project.

(Finally, as far as possible, please consider Graphryder a research tool. It is generally not meant to be linked from reports, websites or other public documents. Even when it does not crash, direct links can change when project names change etc., again rendering direct external links invalid.)

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