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I worked in a Fair Trade company. Do you have Fair Trade products in Tunis? Palestinians, manage to export crafts, olive oil and date through Fair Trade. If I found that interesting article I will share it with you. Yes, I can connect you online and physically if you ever pass by Egypt.


I may suggest you no cafe or an anti-cafe (price based on the duration of the stay, not the consumption) to avoid transformation of this place is regular cafe or trendy cafe (which is wayyy worst). And NO-SMOKING. It’s very rare in Tunis so I’m sure it will be popular and attract people more focused on working that lazing around.

If you do in Tunis, South Tunis or Central Tunis (near Barcelone Train Station) is the better place cause of its closer to the rest of the country, to popular area, cheaper, and more socially mixed.

There is a lot of closed boutique/cafe that could be rent or buy for almost nothing (compared to other place pricing offcourse)

About fair trade, you should definitely look for it since there is a real demand for traditional product adapted to modern taste and not pale industrial copy. Other type of service like renting meeting room, temporary restaurant (one dish once a week, it’s very trendy) and so on…


I see, the space will be made in Medenine, so the café idea si here because we don’t have a lot of coffee shops in Medenine, so I thought of havaing a space that will include everything, a small café not a fancy one though, I thought of the anti café but I am not sure whether it can work in Medenine, as it nothing like Tunis the capital… and Yes the fair trade is something that I am going to focus on a lot, as you said there is ealdemand for it, and there are some herbs and products that are known well in Medenine, so we may be promoting them


I will look more about the fair trade in Tunisia, but we do export the olive oil, dates as well with tsome tunisian products such as Harissa, Chamia… I will make more researches about it and thank you so much and I will be waiting for the article


Excellent point there. No smoking is enormously popular in Europe. When we started enforcing this regulation, everyone – including smokers – supported it. Italy went to no smoking in any public place literally overnight.


Fair trade was created to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainable farming. e.g. equal wages for women and men, no child labor, work conditions, etc. They deal also with craft-makers. You can easily market you products in developed countries. I worked in a company that dealt with crafts -makers and Egyptian handecrafts that were exported mainly to Germany.
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Thank you for sharing this with me, sothis may start in the website of the space where we can promote and offer the local products in it



مشروع رائع جدا من حيث الافكار التي تحاكي الواقع العربي لارشاد الشباب عن الفكر المتطرف منطقة الشرق الاوسط والدول العربية تعاني منذ مدة من الحروب الدائرة في سوريا والعراق وليبيا وبعض الدول الحدودية مثل تونس ومصر هناك في سيناء ايضا ونحن في الشرق الازسط نحتاج لتنمية تفكار الشباب وتوعية المجتمعات وخلق لهم اجواء تنسيه الم الحروب التي مرة بجانبه وكاد ان يقع بها انت انسانة رائعة ولديكي افكار مجدية تفيد المجتمع



هذا المشروع وهذه الافكار هي التي نحتاج تطبيقها ليس في تونس فقط وفي الاردن وجميع الدول العربية لما مرت به من حروب. وانتشار الارهاب والافكار المتطرفة التي عصفة في المنطقة بأكملها يوسرا افكار جميلة. تساعد في تنمية افكار الشباب وارشادهم الى طريق النجاة و العمل والازدهار احتاج تبادل الافكار معك لجعلها مشروع قائم على ارض الواقع.



عسلامة صديقي، أوافقك الرأي، دولنا العربية عانت الأمرين في السنين الماضية من حروب ونزاعات وخراب… دورنا الآن هو إصلاح ما يمكن إصلاحه وبناء مستقبل أفضل لنا وللاجيال القادمة



مرحبا يسرى شكرا لك ولكن قولي لي كيف يمكن أن نتعاون على تأسيس مشروع يحاكي متطلبات الشباب هنا في الاردن خسرنا كثير من الشباب المنصاع وراء الأفكار التي راحت بهم إلى الويل بسبب الحرب في سوريا والعراق ارغب في مشروع منفتح على شعوب الدول الغربية لتبادل الثقافات ونشر مفهوم وفكر السلام مابين الشعوب وخاصة جيل الشباب انتي لديكي الخبرات والافكار الجيدة وهذا من مصلحتنا لنتعاون على تنظيم المشروع