Discovering Your Story (planning Narratives of Care workshop at LOTE5)

Open questions

OK, so there are a few things I could use some feedback/opinions on, if anyone is up for it.

My main concerns have to do with timing:

9:00 to 19:00 is a really long day. So, I would suggest trimming it to 10:00-18:00 (hey, it’s Sunday!). Secondly, we probably need to add lunch. Is there a plan for that already? Thirdly, I would suggest adding in a walk during the day. There is a way to actually continue the workshop while walking, which is both healthy and fun. Is there a nice itinerary we could think of? (Max 1 hour, so about 3-4km.)

While 30-45 minutes is probably good for tackling a project, it can get a bit unpredictable (in both directions: not having enough time to finish or finishing early). Personally, I strongly prefer a “natural flow”, where we move things forward as fast as comfortable, but without artificial cut-off points. The only way to do this is to have participants agree that their project might not end up getting discussed and do a little exercise early on to determine in what sequence we will tackle the stories/projects. I think if this is communicated early on, it won’t be a problem. Also keep in mind that everyone is pretty busy all the time, so it’s not like you have to wait for your turn. What do you think?

The last issue has to do with number of participants. Again, I prefer a naturalistic approach: whoever comes is the right people. I can do the intro/explanation for a fairly large group if necessary and I’m suspecting Edgeryders attracts a lot of people with experience in similar techniques that will easily pick up on my cues. The one thing that complicates things is AV equipment: we do need more DSLR- and videocameras if more people come. Thoughts?

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Some quick thoughts…


re: duration. For how long and what you decide to do with the group as a facilitator is up to you - so sure, go for 10:00 - 18:00. Hey, I suggested a 3 hour workshop, so what do I know. Who does the work calls the shots… People should probably have lunch, although if you look at the program Sunday is free for us to decide when and where. Maybe we cook, maybe we order in, but yes, we’ll have lunch.

re: 30-40 mins per project: this gets solved by saying “we aim to have minimum x number of good stories at the end of the day. first come, first served. register your story here and we’ll get back to you” or something. After all, you ask people to sign up as story or storyteller, so you will know ahead how many stories you have and can manage expectations no?

no. of people: again, I think it solves in the description of the workshop. Given that this workshop happens in parallel to other sessions, I don’t think you’ll have too many.

Finally, can you take us through what you need and from whom tomorrow in the community call at 11 am cet? if not, let me know how I can help? Is all the info in this wiki or should we do a sprint and update it fully? How do we roll with getting participants on board, anything you need? on the top of my head: a number of tweet-like creative calls for registration + maybe graphics + maybe a snapshot of you on camera as a sneak peek?

Ok rounding off - confirm if I you agree?

Selection of projects/people: Everyone is welcome to participate with their own projects, but we will be focusing video production/writing support on people working on projects or problems related to OpenCare.

Artefacts:  for each selected project we will support participants to produce :1 high resolution photo + 1 written story + 1 Short Video.

Roles and responsibilities:

1) @Thomas_Goorden: Responsible for recruitment of Belgian participants, driving the workshop and delivery of videos. Suggested process: The one you posted above, ensuring there is sufficient time slotted for the hands on production of video and accommodation of Natalia’s requirements for ability to delivery written pieces. Reference materials: Can you point to example video material that you think is great storytelling so people know what to aim for/expect? Can we agree on a minimum number of videos?

2) @Natalia_Skoczylas: Responsible for delivery of written stories. Suggested process: contact people who register for the workshop through the form, ask them some questions to help learn more about what they are doing ahead of the event. With the aim of identifying people who may have a few good stories relevant to the OpenCare initiative, and focus your efforts during the workshop into on developing those onto great articles for publishing on  Reference materials: Can you point to example articles which you think are great storytelling so people know what to aim for/expect? Can we agree on a minimum number of articles?

3) @Nadia: Manning the confessional booth. Thomas can you help me set up sharp audio/lighting?

4) Storytellers: Part of this work can probably be put under the “documentation and storytelling” tasks. Last year we had a serious onboarding session for the documentation team the day before the event started. We also made sure to include documentation instructions in the booklet with program, participants directory etc that handed out on registration. S

Equipment: We need DSLR cameras and laptops for this session. So we need to make a call for participants to bring this with them, doable @Noemi? Maybe SmartBe has some cameras and mics available @ireinga?

Confessional booth: I think this is a nice idea for everyone at LOTE actually. Maybe we could put it at the registration desk as something people do on arrival during my opening session (talk to me bubble exercise)?

Yup, sounds good! (with additions)

What I would add.

Important: Every story/project will go home with at least one diagram or chart as well. In a certain way, I think this will prove more interesting/relevant than the picture. If we can scan it on the spot, that might be good/interesting.

For the storytellers/documentalists, as I mentioned to @Nadia, this should fit in very naturally with the format. There should be plenty of clear “insight” moments, which we definitely need to capture (primarily in writing, although it might sometimes be suitable for another format/medium as well).

As far as reference material is concerned, the “confessional booth” really is a new idea, but I can look around. I guess it would look somewhat like the better Youtube “webcam confessionals”.

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Hey @Nadia and Thomas, sure, looks good. I need access to the subscriptions to the workshop (I guess Nadia or @Noemi has it?) so I can start contacting people. I will pick some stories from the platform, some of the future makers and maybe the posts from the stewardship voyage. I think these were very good.

About the number, I will do my best to deliver 5 - but this will depend on the number of participants who do something about health care. Let’s say I deliver at least 1/2 of the number of participants dealing with health care, so for 6 people at least 3 stories, and so on. Works?