Discussion about participation map

this is a draft at this point, pease give some feedback.

Thanks Maria!

No, the wiki will be launched in January.

Brief and complete. I like it.

@yudhanjaya, do you have one to start out with?

What we have right now is incomplete and behind worldbuilding workspace:

  1. Original concept note (which we are evolving past - but this may be the most public) Extremistan (concept note) - #14 by hugi
  2. Founding and history of this world: The History of Witness
  3. @alberto’s Economy of the Covenant: Economy of The Covenant
  4. @joriam’s proposed Distrikt: Distrikt Proposal: Socialité XIV - #13 by alberto
  5. @hugi’s Avantgrid, possibly, pending discussion on his end
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updated abouve

For participants - note that these are not public yet. Once we make them public, you can find and access them here. For now, consider the titles teasers.

ok, will note those, they go public in January?

thank you hugi for moving this

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Yes, that’s the plan!