Do you want to join our Covid19 Community Response? A breakdown of Edgeryders activities, roles, tasks and workflows

That’s right, me and @zaunders and a bunch of others are doing the food thing – right now focused a lot on, a project with the goal to facilitate the emergence of more cooperatively run local food hubs and buyers clubs.

And for the “Trello for Discourse” thing, I developed a stable prototype you might say. I called it Lanes. I thought I closed the server but it seems to be running still, here is an example board:

Which represents a kanban representation of this discourse category:

The thing is – just about the same time as I released the Lanes prototype, a Discourse theme component with similar functionality was launched.

The main advantage with the theme component is tighter integration with Discourse and as that seemed to be the killer feature people was looking for, I paused my development of Lanes.

The above category presented using the theme component looks like this:

Long story, sorry. My Lanes thing is not ready for prime time, the project has been put on hold. But could in theory be revived if needed to save humanity from killer virus madness.


Thanks All!
Very good initiative. I will go through the questions (later today). I am engaged locally through the local Red Cross Association that I lead. I add a link to a community activity (phone line & Email for citizens) that is set up together with the town. Issue to tackle: many (elder) are ‘digital naives’. So we need mixed structures. Further issue, english is not a work tool, hence we need translators to access international information streams. - regards, Martin

Hallo Martin, @Richard @MariaEuler and our new colleague who will soon join the German community manager crew are all Germanophone. I am sure we can find creative ways to make the space accessible and inclusive - just let us know.

Hello @nadia

(1) I will try to write up some local experiences about linking ‘digital natives’ and ‘digital naives’ what seems to be an issue that I have to tackle here (interface of two worlds). When we pulled together people for stuffing a phone-based advice service, most (many elderly volunteers) gave their local fixed-line as contact data, some gave E-mail.

(2) I suggest that edgeryders reaches out to my daughter who is working and practicing in network analyses and knowledge management (Galway, Ireland). She knows about me and edgeryder and Alberto had an exchange with her. Currently she is at home (with her kids). I guess that teaming up with edgeryders of related skills will be simple.

Now I turn to nourish my local & remote communities
best regards, Martin


In answer to the first post:

on 1.

I will try to stewart the “acts of kindness topic” and also work a lot with these topics:

on 2.

  • Will set up one or more community video chat
  • Am involved with developing Crowdbuilding Solutions: E.g Building a MOOC on distributed/remote collaboration
  • Will try to Source Stories for meaningful conversations but do not have the proven high-quality contacts some of the other team members my have here.

on 3:

as community manager I see my job as including:

  • Question Asker: Defines the topic/subject of the call for projects// helps Project Leaders, Mentors and Contributors to develop their stories //asks people to elaborate more and based on this// produce concise descriptions of topic they are addressing, project & why it’s important incl context and a bit about the person// as well as to better elaborate/define what they want to achieve and why/what it says about their view of future of internet/digital)
  • Synthesist: Read threads and write concise descriptions for each project, bios/short intros for each PLS, Mentors, PCs/ As well as specification of what they are looking for / task description/ Skeleton call for contributors
  • Storycrafter: You work with others to produce engaging description of what we are doing + call for PLS, Mentors and PLs/ Produce succint descriptions of tasks to make clear to general public (and make it easier for people to find “their people” and know around what to engage with them), Craft engaging feature articles + text for flyers featuring each person/ Produce status updates to draw conversions on social media/ Write email for engaging Problem Owners (potential adopters or financers of solutions)
  • Community Engager : Do research in platform archive for “best of stories and or comments” around the set themes// Reach out and re-engage the people who posted best stories and or comments with question of how they are and how/if things are different now.

I am now working on an overview post linking the ongoing conversation of this week for the NGI space.
My next step after that will be to post directly in online groups for teachers to ask them to share their stories here with us with the motivation of having a tech-oriented community who might be up to come up with some helpful solutions for them. I think teachers would be good problems owners to try to connect to right now.
After that I will try to set up a community fireside call, however, I am not sure yet if I should try to tie it to a person/expert or a topic as the lead.

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hi @kristofer @hugi @zaunders @matthias how much time/complexity do you think it would involve to set up the theme component in the edgeryders discourse implementation?

Hello dear community,

I choose these topics:


Work/Labour, learning from the Past, Taking Notes for the Future & Technology before and after.


  • Organising one or more community video chat
  • Crowdbuilding Solutions


Mentor, matchmaker & Question Asker


A possible upside of losing nearly a years worth of planning is that i’ll get to spend some more time online with you wonderful people! Hello, how are you all? and sorry i’ve been a complete digital recluse.

I’m interested in the themes around Work/Labour (as this has had a huge impact on my industry which revolves around public gatherings) and also the ideas of Mental Health and Surviving Boredom. Both of these feel like areas where i want to consider the broader arts/cultural sphere and how it might respond/react to this crisis.

Certainly happy to organise a community video chat about either topic (or contribute to another’s call) and will be looking for interesting stories that we can add to the platform.

Will look at the ‘Roles’ over the weekend and work out what i think i’m best suited or have time to do.

Much love to all ER teams


@nadia I would estimate the install and config to one hour work provided the person doing the install has some prior Discourse admin knowledge.


Our primary goal here is to use organisational resources (our ability to coordinate, community management skills etc) to mobilise around meaningful responses to the ongoing crisis. We justify the re-allocation of staff time/attention on funded research projects toward this effort by making sure that our conversations shed a light on what next generation internet-related investments actually contribute towards wellbeing of individuals, communities and societies. So that we can get our insitutional actors to out money and legitimacy on what really makes people’s lives and work better, rather than getting sidetracked by the next buzzword or making stupid decisions that jeopardise our future/democracy/safety/resilience/welfare etc.

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Seems reasonable.

@nadia: Ok, we’ll install it for a test. There’s a danger that it will be just a mess the way our crowd will use it. But let’s try. :slight_smile:


yayy we can use it to crowdbuild the MOOC as a first test :))


I think there is an option to activate it for some categories only.


ok Cool - @matthias I suggest we Rename/repurpose the Academy of Life category and use that. We can move the content that is there to the wellbeing category since that’s where it belongs anyway?

We’ll provide it in a sub-category specifically made as a MOOC building workspace. It will have to be similar for any other uses: enabling it on project workspace categories to allow using it for that project. You can’t reasonably mix tasks for multiple projects into the board view of one category, as there is no per-project filter.

did you see my comment :point_up_2: about repurposing Academy of life?

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Hi everyone
Well I am a discourse analyst from Tunisia
What a wonderful idea!
As far as I am concerned I would start by

  1. Learning from the past and taking notes for the future + digital communication under social distancing

  2. Crowdbuilding solutions esp building a mooc to coach community in their immediate actions

  3. I am a question asker + storycrafter + matchmaker

Samira from Tunisia


ok can you put that subcategory in the campfire?

Hello everybody. I’m joining on the request of @martin. I have been reading through the conversation, but still trying to find my place in it. From a research perspective, the labour/work angle is most interesting to me. In addition to an educational perspective (workplace learning, online schools, schools (in)ability to create online programs to support students).
As @martin mentioned my expertise is in social network analysis, text analysis (topic modeling), and sentiment analysis.
I’m happy to help where ever I can,


Great to have you here :slight_smile: