Draft: Open call for Ambassadors of an imaginary world

Have you been captivated by the imaginative societies and economic systems we’ve been creating around the floating city of Witness?
Are you a proactive go-getter, a clear communicator and discussion enabler dedicated to producing unbiased content?

We might need you to help us in carrying the thinking, imaginations and insights from Witness out into the world, and carrying people from the world to contribute in building Witness.

Edgeryders are participating in the final impact conference of the Next Generation Internet programme. Its objective is to contribute novel thinking about how people, places and networked technologies interact in a better future.

During the event we will present an experiment in speculative thinking set in the imaginary city of Witness. The participants will be invited to join this worldbuilding exercise through creation of the specific districts, focusing on how certain aspects of life look like within Witness e.g work and livelihoods, or notions of safety and security etc - and in particular how they affect and are affected by technology. We are looking for freelance promoters and community managers to work as Ambassadors of the distrikts of the city of Witness.

In the role of the Ambassador you will promote the final event, manage the community gathered around the exercise, present the district you represent with examples of already existing models in the world, possible solutions etc.

You will steward the questions raised during the exercise transforming them in your own portfolio/areas of focus.

Ambassador’s Duties and Responsibilities

  • Send out invitations to funders and other participants in preparation of the conference
  • Choose the focus topics among the themes that emerge within the context of an ongoing community conversation around what the next generation internet should for people and planet (see this report to get an idea of what topics are emerging)
  • Build a network of contributors to the discussions in the final event and deepen collaborations and relationships within the community.
  • Summarise the discussions per topic and post the summaries on edgeryders.eu

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Native English speaker (or equivalent)
  • Adaptable and able to build rapport with a diverse array of people
  • Disciplined with strong time management skills; able to work to deadlines
  • Superb research and writing skills
  • Creative and inquiring mind
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Knowledge of communications media and telecommunications technology, familiar with online communication

Similar Job Titles

  • Community manager
  • Promoter
  • PR


The engagement period and remuneration will be agreed on based on mutually convened deliverables at the contract negotiation phase following this call. The reason for this is that we are aware of different skill levels, hourly rate and time constraints that candidates might have, and wish to be able to accommodate that.

How to apply

Please fill in our tell form (here the link)

ping @nadia , @ivan