Drupal links broken, page translations missing

how can we deal with this two issues?

all the link pointing to the old platform are broken
the translated pages seem missing

As I said, expect some bumps :slight_smile:

@matthias is aware of the issue. It is actually partially solved already, via redirection table.

Workaround: the old platform is still up at https://legacy.edgeryders.eu. May be password protected now, but it is easy to remove the protection as needed. All links including translations should work as normal adding legacy before the domain name.

Re. translated content: I think we forgot to import the translated pages (since they are not “nodes” in Drupal, but rather internal field value variants). I created an issue for that and we’ll care for it, but since there are only a few pages in other languages, it will not be a priority.

So for the meantime, you may want to access the Drupal content using the http://legacy.edgeryders.eu/… URLs mentioned by Alberto, and then copy&paste the few pages of translated content (using the URL ) you need right now, putting them into new topics on the Discourse platform.

Re. Drupal link redirections: This should work (nearly) completely already: all links to individual nodes / pages are being redirected to their Discourse equivalents. Example:

We have about 18,000 such permalinks right now, but there will be cases were permalink forwarders are still missing (we did not go through all Google index results to check for 404s yet). When you find such cases, please tell us which they are so we can care about them (and maybe a class of links like them which we forgot).

ok thanks a lot.

@matthias is there a guidelines or suggestion for this kind of issues?
Is it better to post it here or to create an issue?

No proper guidelines available yet, except for one sentence encouraging people to post feature requests and issue reports to our issue tracker on Github.

If you don’t really know if it’s a bug or just lack of instructions to use a certain feature, it’s better to post in this category first for clarification.

Broken link! :smile:

Fixed. (Don’t get me started explaining this … URL beauty camp vs. Ember fundamentalists :laughing: )