Edgeryders against upload filters


In very short: the European Parliament is soon making a final vote about an idiotic copyright “reform” law that includes provisions for upload filtering and upfront licencing of all materials that possibly could be posted on a platform.

All this is such blatant and dangerous nonsense that on Monday, the UN human rights office published an article “EU must align copyright reform with international human rights standards:laughing:

I was thinking what I or we can reasonably do against this, and here’s a small list of things:

(1) Persuading EU politicians to pledge against the upload filter article

(2) Go to the demos!

There will be demos on March 23 all over Europe. So if something is happening in your city already …

(3) Internet outage

German Wikipedia will go dark on March 21, and there is a large coalition of 407 mostly German “forums against upload filters” that may do the same. I added edgeryders.eu to the list. We haven’t decided yet if or how we’ll participate in the planned outage. Since we don’t have massive amounts of external traffic like Wikipedia, we’d mostly hurt ourselves instead of raising attention :frowning:

(4) Don’t implement

In my personal opinion that’s the only thing that would help: civil disobedience, just not following this nonsense if it becomes law. Apart from the fact that there is no practical solution for upload filters, an institution passing such a nonsense has lost all moral authority – at least when it comes to regulating our Internet. As the admin of edgeryders.eu, I won’t do a single hour of work to implement “upload filters”. We didn’t have a single issue with copyright infringing uploads on our platform, so the whole matter is just hilarious.


wondering if anyone around Lausanne is already aware of this issue. Saw there have already been protests (a live stream from Bremen came up) and signed the petition!


here: http://chng.it/zcyLnb5SPS