Ethnographic Coding Wiki (ARCHIVE)

Please document any technical issues you have that you need matthias to address here (and tag him):

I have no bandwidth left this week but could meet early next week if that works for you both.

We are also going to stop using a separate tab for “comments” and instead use the comment function of google sheets even for our own comments so that others can reply in that comment thread, rather than creating visual chaos on the codebook. See my codebook as an example. I have updated the wiki accordingly.

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@amelia Many thanks. Early next week (Monday?) would be perfect, as @Wojt and I will be much better prepared and advanced. We have observed a lot of chaos in one of the codes (Catholic Church) that is incredibly important. I will try to describe the problem for Matthias today.

Noted. I know how to insert comments but do not understand how the notification system works. You wrote earlier: “Leave comments attached to particular cells using the comment function on Google Sheets, so that the ethnographer receives a notification when comments have been made.” And you made a lot comments on our codebook (thank you!), but I have not received any notifications? Please help me understand - I may be doing something wrong? What do you mean by “notification”, exactly"

I think it may have something to do with the fact that you are not logged in with your google account. I sometimes have problems sharing some documents with you since the systems seems to be using your ucl account email address.

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@Wojt @Jan This is what we were discussing today.

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added this to the Open Ethnographer Manual (7.4)