Experimenting with colors on Agar plastic.

Agar plastic.

I start with the preparation of the composition. I add 2 tablespoons Agar along with 1 tablespoon of Glycerol and 250 ml of water. I leave this 10 min cooking so that the water boils and the liquid is syrupy. Then I pour it out on a plastic cover so it can cure.

Later I want to color the agar plastic in the same way I colored the Kombucha, with cranberry juice.

During my first experiment I add the cranberry juice after I pour the liquid on the cover. This results in the effect that the juice flow into the agar plastic. I find that this is a nice effect. However it seems the agar plastic and cranberry juice both are affected after they lied in open air for a few days.

In my second experiment I add the cranberry juice to the Agar plastic and stir them well together. After that I pour them out on the plastic cover. This gives the solid color image. It also turns out the plastic and cranberry juice Agar are much less attack after being a few days in the open air.

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