Field Methods Paper — Reviewer Comments


Really? I thought that you, @melancon, had added section 2 directly on the Overleaf. Is that a false memory?


First pass of final cutting done for me. I also made one change to the reviewers letter. Making progress!


Seems we’re there now!


Ok, done another pass, trying to make the language flow better. @amelia, are you sure about:

retaining sensitivity to informants’ meaning in context while also introducing systematic means of visualizing (and measuring) these socioculturally specific meanings

Other than that, I think we are ready.


Good find, I don’t love it. Will fix.


We are submitted!

Good work @alberto , @melancon and @markomanka ! It has been a pleasure writing with you all.

…now we wait. :smiley:


Update: we will hear back about the paper in the next 2 weeks.


Fingers crossed!

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