First experiments on the agar based plastic

First experiments on the agar based plastic

I cooked my first batch by following a recipe I found online. I wanted to experiment with different drying methods.
I put one sample in the oven (250°C), one in the freezer (-18), one in the fridge (6°C) and the last one in just normal room temperature (±18°C). After 10 minus I opened the oven and saw that my sample melted completely. I waited 48 hours and reviewed the results of the other 3.

Between the one cooled in the fridge and the one in room temperature there was little to no difference. The one in the freezer on the other hand did something strange. It seemed as if it had been crystalized and looked and felt rather strange. Of course it was still really moisty and needed some more time to dry.
So after another 24hours all of them shrunk at least 15%. The 2 “normal” ones started to feel like some sort of rubber. The 3th frozen one really had a unique feel to it. I can’t really describe what it felt like but I’ll post some photo’s of it.

I’m now looking for some cool applications for which the agar plastic could actually be a useful replacement for traditional plastic.

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Curious to the see the “strange” material! It can be that something in the molecule interactions changed due to the temperature. When you use agar in the lab to make growth medium, you have to shortly cook it for a few seconds so that the solidifying happens more smoothly afterwards. Perhaps there’s a similar mechanism at play for a lower temperature.